New York Times - Mar 8 2023

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Clues Answers
'American Pie' ride CHEVY
'From Here to Eternity' setting OAHU
'Grand' ice cream brand EDYS
'Ish' ORSO
'Moonstruck' star CHER
'Stat!' ATONCE
'Thus ...' ANDSO
'___ was saying ...' ASI
'___ your move' ITS
1/2 cup coarsely chopped, for bright (or soapy) flavor CILANTRO
1/2 teaspoon, for a little extra flavor ... really, try it! CUMIN
About two cups cubed, after peeling and pitting AVOCADO
Accommodating EASY
Add value to ENRICH
Apple for a teacher, maybe IMAC
Baseball's Martinez TINO
Bill-blocking vote NAY
Brand for a butterfly expert, perhaps SPEEDO
Build some muscle TONEUP
Carry-out TOGO
Cat calls MEWS
Chester Arthur's middle name ALAN
Chew (on) GNAW
Cotton gin inventor Whitney ELI
Fabulous fabulist AESOP
Forever and a day EON
Former Wyoming representative Liz CHENEY
Ghostly apparition PHANTOM
Gist NUB
Great cleverness GENIUS
Him, in French LUI
In ___ parentis (legal term) LOCO
Junior hurdle, for short PSAT
Kane's Rosebud, for one SLED
Lunch that saves the day? HERO
Marine fish that's also the name of a hairstyle MULLET
Money spent in Munich EUROS
Mouse with his own island in a Newbery Honor book ABEL
Nancy Drew's beau NED
Clues Answers
Noteworthy span ERA
One seeded and minced, for heat JALAPENO
One small juiced, for citrus notes, and to preserve color LIME
One small red minced, for crunch and tang ONION
One teaspoon, pink or black, for emphasis SALT
One vine-ripe chopped, for texture and color TOMATO
Panegyric poet ODIST
Phenomenon that may be dank or trending MEME
Pick up the tab PAY
Pilgrim at Mecca HAJI
Prefix for the green-minded ECO
Revelers at reunions ALUMNI
Reverse a thumbs-up for, on Facebook UNLIKE
Rocks out JAMS
Role for Patti LuPone and Madonna EVITA
Rudely stare at OGLE
Ruth Bader Ginsburg collar fabric LACE
Saskatchewan's second-largest city, after Saskatoon REGINA
Serpentine TWISTY
Shade a lot like lilac MAUVE
Sidestep DODGE
Singer Donny or Marie OSMOND
Slightly open AJAR
Smallville surname KENT
Soccer great Hamm MIA
Somewhat ABIT
Sound at the doctor's office AAH
Sporty model COUPE
Talkative bird MACAW
Talkative bird MYNA
Their blood is toxic to humans EELS
They can make you sick GERMS
Three cloves minced, for depth and aroma GARLIC
Very cool, in slang DOPE
Word with color or rhyme SCHEME
Written for an instrumentalist NOTATED
___ de la Cité ILE
___ Minor ASIA