Canadiana - Mar 6 2023

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Clues Answers
A clowder of ____ CATS
A colony of ____ ANTS
A drift of _____ SWINE
A herd of _____ DEER
A horde of ____ GNATS
A knot of ______ TOADS
A litter of _____ PIGS
A pod of _____ SEALS
A school of _____ FISH
A sloth of _____ BEARS
A swarm of _____ BEES
A yoke of _____ OXEN
About hearing OTO
About the mouth ORA
Aleutian island ATTU
Arab outer garment ABA
At rest IDLE
Ballet ender CODA
Barren ARID
Cheat CON
Cheese EDAM
Cheese genre RLEU
Circuit LAP
Companion of love and honour OBEY
Contribute to a pot ANTE
Curse HEX
Cygnet SWAN
Design criterion SPEC
Duceppe's parti BLOC
Egyptian sun god ATEN
Electrical units, for short AMPS
Encounter MEET
Expire DIE
Extinct bird MOA
Gee's partner HAW
Clues Answers
Hawaiian goose NENE
High, in Hauterive HAUTE
Insult SLUR
Intelligence, slangily INFO
It is, to Tennyson TIS
Mineral source ORE
Nautical hello AHOY
None NIL
Notion IDEA
Observe SEE
Offed SLEW
Pixie ELF
Promote HYPE
Receptor EAR
Russian city OREL
Search for gold PAN
Sheltered LEE
Simple as ____ ABC
Singer MacNeill, for one RITA
Space exploration org NASA
Strake WALE
Suffer defeat LOSE
Summer, in Saguenay ETE
Tall tales FIRS
Taxi CAB
Textile fibre NOIL
Theatre award OBIE
Trade SWAP
Tyrant TSAR
Weight including container TARE
Yes, slangily YEP