The Guardian - Speedy crossword No 1,430 - Mar 5 2023

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Clues Answers
Around, about CIRCA
Be indecisive DITHER
Bequest, inheritance LEGACY
Birds' resting-place ROOST
Bring upon oneself INCUR
Church kneeler HASSOCK
Condition, stipulation PROVISO
Intense sorrow GRIEF
Lawn game CROQUET
Lion-like LEONINE
Lustful woodland god SATYR
Mammal's upper body THORAX
Clues Answers
Pitiable creature WRETCH
Postpone DEFER
Recreational drug TOBACCO
Rely on TRUST
Rough draft SKETCH
Sexual desire LIBIDO
Short distance STONESTHROW
Small partitioned-off area of a room CUBICLE
Trunk of a body TORSO
Unintelligent STUPID
Vexation, distress CHAGRIN
Written text of a play, film etc. SCRIPT