- Dec 21 2010

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Clues Answers
''Ali __ and the Forty Thieves'' BABA
''Silly'' bird GOOSE
''Take __ from me'' ATIP
''Yeah, right!'' OHSURE
''Yes __, Bob!'' SIREE
Aide: Abbr. ASST
Book of maps ATLAS
Car parker VALET
Carolers' songs NOELS
Caste member of India HINDU
Cats' quarry MICE
Clothing-store section MENS
Complete collection SET
Corkscrew shape SPIRAL
Cruel person BEAST
Current must-read BESTSELLINGBOOK
Defendant's story ALIBI
Deserve MERIT
Doozy LULU
Drained of color ASHEN
Droplet BEAD
Dry run TEST
Entrance DOOR
Erected PUTUP
Eve's husband ADAM
Evening viewing PRIMETIMETV
Extremely VERY
Fascinated by INTO
Field of expertise AREA
Gets some sun TANS
Great lake ERIE
Have in mind INTEND
Health clubs SPAS
Highlands miss LASS
Hit the slopes SKI
Hospital professional NURSE
In a bustling way BUSILY
In want NEEDY
Israeli airline ELAL
Clues Answers
Large grocery SUPERMARKET
Like some diet foods NOFAT
Make happy ELATE
Metric weight, for short KILO
Misprints ERRATA
More chilly ICIER
Nose around SNOOP
Part in a play ROLE
Perhaps MAYBE
Person, place or __ THING
Pirate's take LOOT
Place to exchange vows ALTAR
Prosecuting attys. DAS
Pub pint ALE
Puts to work USES
Revise EDIT
Run __ (go wild) AMOK
Scholarly book TOME
Scrapes by, with ''out'' EKES
Sheep's cry BAA
Shooting star METEOR
Shopping meccas MALLS
Short and thick, as fingers STUBBY
Sky-colored BLUE
Small batteries AAS
Some cooked chickens FRYERS
Some savings plans, briefly IRAS
Started a golf round, with ''up'' TEED
Strong __ ox ASAN
Suffix for major ETTE
Tart-tasting SOUR
Thick carpet SHAG
Toothpaste holder TUBE
Trail-mix fruit RAISIN
Voice below soprano ALTO
Wasps' homes NESTS
Wide belt SASH
Wood strips SLATS