Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Mar 22 2023

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Clues Answers
"Stupid me!" syllables DUHS
"You've got mail" co AOL
2015 Chris Pratt action film JURASSICWORLD
Abysmal BAD
Avocado dip, for short GUAC
Bar orders BEERS
Bridge call IPASS
Campfire leftovers ASHES
Celeb gossip source TMZ
Charlotte's creation WEB
Chews (on) GNAWS
Chicago paper, briefly TRIB
Colorful blooms ZINNIAS
Concurred AGREED
Country store? ATLAS
Despots TSARS
Elev HGT
Ex-Yankee Martinez TINO
Features of unicorns HORNS
Gal. fractions QTS
Gambling mecca RENO
Garish GAUDY
Grand Ole — OPRY
Grove units TREES
Hawkeye IOWAN
Hive head QUEEN
Home of Duke DURHAM
Clues Answers
HST follower DDE
Lay down the lawn SOD
Mahal preceder TAJ
Masseur's offering OILRUB
Melancholy verse ELEGY
Ninny ASS
Obliterate ERASE
Pares (down) SLIMS
Phoenix cagers SUNS
Pleads BEGS
Pleased with oneself PROUD
Pulitzer-winning novel by Edward P. Jones THEKNOWNWORLD
Region of ancient Greece IONIA
Responds ANSWERS
Shoe width EEE
Snake's warning SSS
Timid MEEK
Tip off WARN
To boot ALSO
Trademark BRAND
Train alternative BUS
Twistable cookie OREO
Vicinity AREA
Yam color ORANGE
Zwei follower DREI
— Moines DES