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Clues Answers
"Am not!" rejoinder ARESO
"Deck the Halls" syllables LAS
"Gesundheit" elicitor SNEEZE
"God willing!" IHOPE
"I'll return very shortly," in texts BRB
"Inc." relative LTD
"Lah-di- —!" DAH
"Oh yeah? — who?!" SEZ
"— 'er rip!" LET
1999-2004 Oldsmobiles ALEROS
Actor Arnaz DESI
Actor Cruise TOM
Actor Jimmy SMITS
Actor who was always providing precedents? EXEMPLIGRATIAMARSHALL
Actress Best EVE
Actress Rae ISSA
Alpine goat IBEX
Anonymous guy MRX
Architect who loved internet chatting? INSTANTMESSAGEPEI
As a whole INALL
Awful racket DIN
Barks of pain YELPS
Bee attack STING
Boston team REDSOX
Boxer Ali LAILA
Brain section LOBE
Bright red CERISE
Brings joy to ELATES
Ca++ or Cl- ION
Camp shelter TENT
Captain Hook henchman SMEE
Casino cubes DICE
Chess ploys GAMBITS
Classic toothpaste brand IPANA
Comedian who did plumbing work? WATERCLOSETFIELDS
Comics' Kett ETTA
Curtain fabric NINON
Deep regret REMORSE
Dole (out) METE
Dull and heavy LOGY
Ending for bed or home STEAD
Env. alerter ATTN
Ex-Yankee Hideki — IRABU
Extensive, informally THORO
Extinct DEAD
Eye, in Spain OJO
Fast Amtrak train ACELA
Fixed the pitch of TUNED
Former inmate EXCON
French article DES
Fuse, as ore SMELT
Garbanzo, for one BEAN
Gave a lousy review of PANNED
Give the right ENTITLE
Grinding tool PESTLE
Half-pint CUP
Hammerhead ends PEENS
Harold of the Manhattan Project UREY
Has as a goal ASPIRESTO
Health club SPA
Helper AIDE
Horse house STABLE
ID for the IRS SSN
In a chair SEATED
In the thick of AMIDST
iPhone buys APPS
Clues Answers
Joke around JOSH
Jokingly ASAGAG
Keenness ACUITY
Keyboardist John TESH
Kids' writer who was a frequent flier? AMERICANAIRLINESMILNE
Kitchen pests ANTS
Litigant SUER
Long span ERA
Make up (for) ATONE
Map extra INSET
Medieval weapon POLEAX
Moral lapse SIN
Morocco's capital RABAT
Mystery writer who was a constable? POLICEDEPARTMENTJAMES
Nancy in the House PELOSI
Nintendo game system WII
North Carolina university ELON
Not round-trip ONEWAY
Novelist who had a law degree? JURISDOCTORSALINGER
Obama health law, for short ACA
Old autocrat TSAR
Old Japanese governors SHOGUNS
Old-time anesthetic ETHER
Org. supporting sober motorists MADD
Part of IPA ALE
Part of IPA PALE
Pear center CORE
Pithy remark MOT
Plants with fronds FERNS
Printed circuit board, as for a laptop PCCARD
Prized violins, for short STRADS
Really must NEEDTO
Reddi- — (dessert topping brand) WIP
Rejections NOS
Remove the cargo from UNLOAD
Rural tract LEA
Second part of a play ACTII
Sheriff Wyatt EARP
Shortstop Garciaparra NOMAR
Showman who rehabilitated injured people? PHYSICALTHERAPYBARNUM
Slightly ABIT
Soda giant PEPSI
Song that Kim sings to Hugo in "Bye Bye Birdie" ONEBOY
Sticks firmly to a decision STANDSPAT
Suffix with novel ETTE
Suffix with novel IST
Sun orbiter EARTH
Talked about DISCUSSED
Test facility LAB
That man HIM
The Bengals, on scoreboards CIN
Third-century pope URBANI
Three, in Italy TRE
Tone down MUTE
Toothpaste box inits ADA
Transcript fig GPA
Vehicle often traded in USEDCAR
Visorless cap BERET
Vogue rival ELLE
Withdrawal of the U.K. from the E.U BREXIT
— -fi SCI
— Alamos LOS
— and crafts ARTS
— jiffy (PDQ) INA
— low ebb ATA
— tai MAI
— to go (fired up) RARIN
—'acte ENTR