Universal - Mar 2 2023

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Clues Answers
"Back to the Future" nickname DOC
"Dagnabbit!" RATS
"Fore!" for one ALERT
"Freeze!" STOP
"From the top!" AGAIN
"No ___!" (words after a diss) OFFENSE
"Raspberry ___" (Prince song) BERET
"Step right up!" shouter CARNY
"Well, ___ that special!" ISNT
"___ do" ("Seems good enough") ITLL
A long way off AFAR
A lot of dough goes into them OVENS
Amazon Echo assistant ALEXA
Angsty punk subgenre EMO
Appear that way SEEMSO
Arroz ___ cubana ALA
Bed frame strips SLATS
Bird in a Poe poem RAVEN
Bird of prey's nest AERIE
Boho-chic purse HOBOBAG
Butting heads ATODDS
Came up, like an issue AROSE
Capital of Latvia RIGA
Cause for many sloppy mistakes HASTE
Causes of overtime TIES
Clerics' homes MANSES
Clothing you don't want to be seen in, for short CAMO
Comes down in flurries SNOWS
Conclusion END
Corporate big cheese, for short EXEC
Deep-voiced singers BASSOS
Dragons breathe it FIRE
Dump STY
Enjoyed a roller coaster RODE
Fearlessness GUTS
First Lady of Jazz Fitzgerald ELLA
Clues Answers
Fish that can swim backward EELS
Frequently OFTEN
From scratch ANEW
Fury IRE
Garment commonly draped in the Nivi style SARI
Get cheeky with SASS
Golfer's peg TEE
Gutter locale EAVE
Handle with ___ CARE
Hazardous UNSAFE
Howled at the moon BAYED
Identified on Facebook TAGGED
Insult by ignoring SNUB
Julie Andrews and Judi Dench, e.g DAMES
L.A.-based NFL player RAM
Largest members of the oceanic dolphin family ORCAS
Lawyer's org ABA
One getting special treatment, for short VIP
Osso buco meat VEAL
Person being gossiped about on TMZ CELEB
Person with top billing LEAD
Popular bread in Jewish delis RYE
Protective cover? ALIAS
Royal bride of 1981 DIANA
Smidgen IOTA
Speck in the sea ISLE
Spike on a cowboy boot SPUR
Student getting one-on-one help TUTEE
Subway alternative TAXI
Tens and twenties, e.g CASH
Titular Greek god of an Anais Mitchell musical HADES
Tosses into the mix ADDS
Tree whose leaf is on Canada's flag MAPLE
Unsettling EERIE
Use the pink side of a pencil ERASE
Word after "bass" or "treble" CLEF
Word in the center bingo square FREE
___ sandies (nutty cookies) PECAN