Wall Street Journal - Mar 2 2023 - Coast to Coast

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Clues Answers
“At Last” singer James ETTA
“Eureka!” AHA
“Knives Out” star de Armas ANA
“Silent Spring” author CARSON
“This unfortunately seems to be the case” IFEARSO
“Toy Story” dinosaur REX
12-point unit PICA
20-hundred-weight unit TON
Alias indication AKA
American assignment SEAT
Attraction synchronizing water, sound and light MUSICALFOUNTAIN
Bullets in a hand ACES
Caddy choices TEAS
Charles known for his “On the Road” segments KURALT
Chess move also known as “the Greek gift” BISHOPSACRIFICE
Chicago or cheetah follower CUB
Chief Colorow, for one UTE
City with 30 Michelin-star sushi restaurants TOKYO
Cold draft BEER
Compilation album of 1976 OLEELO
Computer store? CACHE
Darth Vader’s boyhood nickname ANI
DeBose who won an Oscar for “West Side Story” ARIANA
Dutch banking giant ING
Elevator handle? OTIS
Employer of 47-Down CBS
Fez feature, often TASSEL
Go into space? PARK
Green energy type SOLAR
Hard-to-change patterns of behavior RUTS
Hoping to avert a strike, maybe ATBAT
It covers all the bases TARP
Leading AHEAD
Like Bart Simpson, year after year AGETEN
Moving company? NOMADS
Network for film mavens AMC
Not fresh OLD
Clues Answers
On a daily schedule DIURNAL
One might have four legs RACE
One who looks down a lot SNOB
Open, possibly recording for YouTube UNBOX
Organizer of a couples’ cruise? NOAH
Parks’ partner, for short REC
Part of an umbrella or a chest RIB
Peacock feather feature EYESPOT
Pick at Baskin-Robbins FLAVOR
Places for protons NUCLEI
Poetry verse form/in which this clue is written/how meta indeed HAIKU
Powerful wind GALE
Pro with lots of experience SEASONEDVETERAN
Rapp of “The Sex Lives of College Girls” RENEE
Revises a plot REMAPS
Ridge on a neck FRET
Roulette bet NOIR
Sci-fi trope, and a hint to the circled letters TIMETRAVELING
See 68-Across NUT
Shade provider DYE
She sang a 1989 duet of “It Isn’t, It Wasn’t, It Ain’t Never Gonna Be” with Whitney ARETHA
Short, to the point of rudeness CURT
Show piece ACT
Simple denials NOS
Snack that resembles a Swiss roll HOHO
Spiny-leaved flora ALOES
Strand by storm ICEIN
Strikingly different EXOTIC
Taiwan president Ing-wen TSAI
Throw on the floor RUG
Twins-lion go-between CRAB
Warning on a shipped package CONTENTSFRAGILE
Watson’s creator IBM
With 69-Across, metal fastener HEX
Word before Worship or Lordship YOUR
Youngster’s punishment, sometimes NOTV
___ out a living EKE