Canadiana - Feb 27 2023

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Clues Answers
A kind of cooler THERMOS
And the rest, abbr ETC
Apparels GARBS
Approvals OKS
Author Montgomery's first name LUCY
Ballroom dance SAMBA
Beam RAY
Bunco CON
Car part HOOD
Cassini, for one OLEG
Church part APSE
Civic, for one HONDA
Cold shoulders SNUBS
Coloured HUED
Cons' opposite PROS
Converged MET
Crowd noise, sometimes BOO
DC alternative AC
Desire LUST
Distress sig SOS
Diver's gear SCUBA
Doctrine ISM
Environmental protection grp EPA
First European on Prince Edward Island CARTIER
Foot parts TOES
Foundation BASE
Giant OGRE
Good looking guys HUNKS
Halucinatory SURREAL
Hearth HOB
Herbivorous quadriped HORSE
Hoary RIMY
Clues Answers
Irish _____ Prince Edward Island special crop MOSS
Lyric ODE
Main SEA
Malpeques OYSTERS
Montgomery heroine ANNE
Nazi special force, abbr SS
Necessity NEED
Normandy battlefield CAEN
Ont. military college RMC
Operate RUN
Palm leaf paper OLA
Pointed remark BARB
Prince Edward Island flag feature OAK
Prince Edward Island soil color RED
Prince Edward Island's Confederation _____ BRIDGE
Principal Prince Edward Island crop SPUDS
Puritanical person PRUDE
Rewards (OE ) Meeds
Sea eagles ERNES
Senses of self EGOS
Shoe size EEE
Shorten CROP
Skin infections SORES
Smart_____ ALECK
Tantalum symbol TA
Teases RIBS
Tell on RAT
The, in St Pierre LA
TheCharlottetown _____ ACCORD
Tobias, for short TOBY
Variety of lettuce COS
Word in Prince Edward Island motto GREAT
____slipper, (Prince Edward Island's flower) LADYS