Family Time - Feb 26 2023

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Clues Answers
''... golden days of ___'' YORE
''Isn't that adorable!'' cries AWS
''Ripley's Believe It or ___!'' NOT
2 a.m. to 2 a.m DAY
Acquire GET
Act dejected MOPE
Actor's desire ROLE
Alternative word ELSE
America's Cup entry YACHT
Archery wood YEW
Authentic REAL
Bad smell ODOR
Beverage with a burger, often SODA
Big fuss ADO
Big man in the East EMIR
Candy ___ BAR
Car grille protector BRA
Close friend PAL
Cocoon's content PUPA
Double reed woodwind OBOE
Every novel has one PLOT
Female deer DOE
Fifth music scale tone SOL
From the beginning ANEW
Gain, as weight (2 words) PUTON
Give up, as land CEDE
Google, for one (2 words) SEARCHENGINE
Grown boys MEN
Help for the lost MAPS
Highest high card ACE
Is, in the past WAS
It may be worn over pajamas ROBE
It's faster than a plane JET
Clues Answers
Kind of speech or speaker KEYNOTE
Literary ''before'' ERE
Long-haired wild ox YAK
Mail a check REMIT
Mama sheep EWE
Mesa's kin BUTTE
Not exactly outgoing COY
Opposite of bold SHY
Opposite of gal GUY
Opposite of safe OUT
Parcel (with ''out'') METE
Piece of farmland ACRE
Place for a pig STY
Plant beginning SEED
Recover, as a shipwreck SALVAGE
Require NEED
Roman Catholic leader POPE
Roof material SLATE
Secret agent SPY
Share a border with ABUT
Shed a tear CRY
Shipwreck locale ISLE
Side road BYWAY
Six-legged insect ANT
Skin-softening ingredient ALOE
Some Olympic track contestants Polevaulters
Sport played in water or on horses POLO
The lady over there SHE
Traffic tie-up JAM
What mean dogs do BITE
Window dressing CURTAIN
Without beginning or end ETERNAL
Writing on the wall OMEN