Universal - Feb 25 2023

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Clues Answers
"Even the ___ Was White: A Historical View of Psychology" (Robert Val Guthrie book) RAT
"I'm all ears!" LAYITONME
"Superfudge" author Judy BLUME
"The Wizard of Oz" pup TOTO
"To ___ is human" ERR
"___ la vista!" HASTA
Animal prints? TRACKS
Apartment that often has high ceilings LOFT
Begins airing, like a TV show COMESON
Cartoon "devil," informally TAZ
Certain disc protector DVDCASE
Chain with a Blue Light Special KMART
Clothing line? SEAM
Coagulates CLOTS
Community that's a part of you MICROBIOME
Cookies eaten with peanut butter in "The Parent Trap" OREOS
Dance with a theme PROM
Display in a shoebox, maybe DIORAMA
Drawings with speech bubbles COMICS
Drinks that come in six-packs? BODYSHOTS
Dueling sword EPEE
Elsa builds one while singing "Let It Go" ICEPALACE
Forearm bone ULNA
Fudged the facts LIED
German's lament ACH
Hip-hop legend J ___ DILLA
Hosp. scan MRI
Iconic San Francisco vehicles CABLECARS
Insult DISS
Internet usage limit DATACAP
Jagged rock face CRAG
Jazz singer Fitzgerald ELLA
Kind of saxophone ALTO
Loud, angsty music genre SCREAMO
Mete (out) DOLE
Mind reader's ability, briefly ESP
Clues Answers
MLB stat RBI
Nonclerical LAIC
Off in the distance AFAR
Off-roaders ATVS
Opportunity to compare notes? STUDYDATE
Pixielike ELFIN
Polynesian garlands LEIS
Prep for a marathon, in a way CARBOLOAD
Prepare for a Muscle Beach competition OILUP
Prosciutto, e.g CUREDHAM
Questionable sky light? UFO
Reddit Q&A AMA
Salsa, e.g DIP
Savage X Fenty product BRA
Sentient plants? SPIES
Set of beliefs DOGMA
Severe HARSH
Sexy social media post THIRSTTRAP
Shapes with six faces CUBES
Sharp-witted ASTUTE
Skill that few people have anymore LOSTART
Smartphone feature often set as a reminder ALARM
Spanish for "bull" TORO
Spirit of the time ZEITGEIST
Story line spanning ten episodes, perhaps SEASONARC
Super loud noise DIN
Tales of adventure SAGAS
Thick, like fog DENSE
Town crier's cry HEARYE
Two-time Nobel Prize winner Curie MARIE
Unspoiled PRISTINE
Voice of the Batcomputer in "The Lego Batman Movie" SIRI
Wrath IRE
___ enrollment (way to earn college credits in high school) DUAL
___ for tat TIT
___-see (can't-miss attraction) MUST