USA Today - Mar 28 2023

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Clues Answers
'Don't go!' STAY
'I called dibs!' THATSMINE
Baked fruit dessert TART
Bird ___ (card holder in Wingspan) TRAY
Black church initials AME
Blueprint detail SPEC
Brick worker MASON
Chicago's WNBA team SKY
Class for an aspiring bilingual (Abbr.) ESL
Classic video game company SEGA
Crumbly cheese FETA
Diagonally across the street KITTYCORNER
Exam taken for business school applications GMAT
Explorer on kids' TV DORA
Fails quickly FLAMESOUT
Festival at the end of Ramadan EID
Firefighters' tubes HOSES
Forensics drama with a 'Vegas' spinoff CSI
Found out the name of, for short IDED
Game tile with pips DOMINO
Going ___ (arguing) ATIT
Graduate's headwear CAP
Group in a Q&A PANEL
Group of the best-known celebs ALIST
Had some hotpot ATE
Half a dozen SIX
Hard to find RARE
Hawaiian dance HULA
Image in a data presentation GRAPH
Impulsive RASH
In favor of PRO
Incarnation of a deity, in Hinduism AVATAR
Influential people ICONS
Irritate VEX
Kind of salad with anchovies CAESAR
Kitchen cleaning aid SPONGE
Landscaping tools EDGERS
Last Greek letter OMEGA
Clues Answers
Light switch type ONOFF
Measuring device that's slightly over 3 feet long METERSTICK
Nailed ACED
Natural ability KNACK
Norway's capital OSLO
Obtain GET
Opera solo ARIA
Opposite of 6-Down CON
Pet rescue org SPCA
Poems that often begin 'There once was a man from . . .' LIMERICKS
Road-paving material ASPHALT
Rodent that accumulates a bunch of stuff in its nest PACKRAT
Segment of a relay race LEG
Shavasana, in yoga CORPSEPOSE
Shorten TRIM
Sign of things to come OMEN
Spa day garment ROBE
Spanish for 'eight' OCHO
State of elite performance BEASTMODE
Stir-fry need OIL
Taproom choice ALE
Tater ___ TOT
Thick floor covering SHAGCARPET
Tiebreaker periods, for short OTS
Toots and the Maytals genre SKA
Train passenger RIDER
Tree with a loblolly variety PINE
Use loaded dice CHEAT
Very fragrant AROMATIC
Volleyball game venue ARENA
Whole-grain cereal brand KASHI
Word sighed by a dreamer SOMEDAY
___ chart (corporate diagram) ORG
___ Club (Costco competitor) SAMS
___ Sans (typeface) COMIC