Universal - Feb 24 2023

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Clues Answers
"Arabian Nights" sailor SINBAD
"Downton Abbey" title EARL
"His Dark Materials" protagonist LYRA
"Humble" home ABODE
"Mamma Mia" group ABBA
"The Fresh Prince of ___-Air" BEL
"The Hobbit" dragon SMAUG
"The Pit and the Pendulum" author POE
"Tosca" or "Nixon in China" OPERA
50-50 chance EVENODDS
Acquire through will power? INHERIT
Alma mater of Tom Hiddleston and George Orwell ETON
Attire GARB
Auction offer BID
Car sticker stat MPG
Car window decoration DECAL
Catch on to GET
Chaney of classic horror LON
Childish language ... and a phonetic hint to 17-, 25-, 36- and 51-Across BABYTALK
Chilly, unfriendly look ICYSTARE
Chips Ahoy! shelfmate OREO
Clever and calculating SLY
Close-fitting winter cap BEANIE
Considered to be SEENAS
Denials NOS
Dog show loser? PLAINBEAGLE
Dutch beer brand AMSTEL
Earliest phase ONSET
Generational disparity AGEGAP
Genetic molecule DNA
Georgia politician Stacey ABRAMS
Got smart with SASSED
Hair line PART
Heroic sagas EPICS
Honey wine MEAD
Horsehead or Crab in deep space NEBULA
If you drop it, you'll trip on it LSD
Clues Answers
Inexperienced insect? GREENBEE
Inventor Tesla NIKOLA
It might be bruised or inflated EGO
JFK guess ETA
K-pop singer with the first billion-view YouTube video PSY
Kill, in a comedy club or dragon's lair SLAY
Kind of juice in a tequila sunrise ORANGE
Legal weapons in MMA but not boxing KNEES
Lung compartment AIRSAC
Mint and sage HERBS
Nobleman's term of address MILORD
On a slant ANGLED
Pedicured digit TOE
Permit LET
Pickleball fixtures NETS
Polynesian-themed lounges TIKIBARS
Relish every bit of SAVOR
Rigid slip-on bracelet BANGLE
Row of runway lights? BEACONSTRIP
Skiff propeller OAR
Sleep disorder APNEA
Slovenes' neighbors CROATS
Small grove COPSE
Solo for Jessye Norman ARIA
Some boxing wins, briefly KOS
Spain and Portugal's peninsula IBERIA
Spearheaded LED
Spill cleaners MOPS
They might grab food before takeoff TALONS
Tulip support STEM
Turner who led a rebellion NAT
Typical "Bluey" fan KID
Unyielding RIGID
Vamoosed RAN
Water, yeast, malt and hops? BEERNECESSITIES
Widespread respect PRESTIGE
Word after "cat" or "power" NAP