New York Times - Feb 23 2023

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Clues Answers
'A hospital has many specialized places / Where patients recover in bright, cheerful spaces ...' TOWARDS
'An avid flower lover sees / A fall bouquet that's full of these ...' TOASTERS
'Exams a must for future docs / Make sure your answers fill the box ...' TOMCATS
'Fathers and ___' (Turgenev novel) SONS
'For me, the Super Bowl's a bore / But watching these is fun galore ...' TOADS
'Frozen' sister ELSA
'I don't have the words / That rightly commend / Cerulean birds / And Harry's best friend ...' TORONTOBLUEJAYS
'It is such fun to fool the folks / And make them butts of harmless jokes ...' TOPRANKS
'Seinfeld' actor Jerry STILLER
'Whene'er I need to get a bump / I find it right there at the pump ...' TOGAS
'___ rule ...' ASA
'___, mi dicon venal' (Puccini aria) GIA
0s and 1s, in computing BITS
Actor Johnson a.k.a. The Rock DWAYNE
Actress Christina RICCI
Badger NAG
Basic training BOOTCAMP
Be behind, in a way OWE
Beginning to end? SHORTE
Berkeley's Bears, in brief CAL
Beyond strange ALIEN
Big name in outdoor gear REI
Colorful garment DASHIKI
Conversely, in a text OTOH
Couleur de la Seine BLEU
Danny of the N.B.A AINGE
Dark force SATAN
De Armas who played Marilyn Monroe ANA
Disturb ROIL
Draft picks? BEERS
Drive-thru conveniences ATMS
Drumstick part CONE
Enjoys a leisurely weekend morning, say SLEEPSIN
Faculties SENSES
Family man GRANDAD
Finance inits NYSE
Clues Answers
Former education secretary Duncan ARNE
Guess posted at a gate, in brief ETD
Hair problem SNARL
Holiday marking the Exodus from Egypt PESACH
In again RETRO
Jan. honoree MLK
Lay of the land TERRAIN
Leading ONTOP
Like the German cake Zwiebelkuchen ONIONY
Longtime Fiat model UNO
Madre's hermana TIA
Mysterious ARCANE
Nail polish applications COATS
Navy vessel in 2000 headlines USSCOLE
Not quite closed AJAR
Pattern that represents a clan TARTAN
Pitch TAR
Prop for the Riddler or Willy Wonka CANE
Providers of assistance after a crash, informally ITPEOPLE
Robin Roberts's network ABC
Rowdy crowd MOB
Shortcuts for some repetitive tasks MACROS
Shortsighted, say UNWISE
Sleep study diagnosis APNEA
Snack item that's green in the middle MINTOREO
Some bar stock RYES
Something it might be good to break HABIT
Source of many an ode, in brief ANON
Sweet Italian bubbly ASTI
Symbol for an angle in math THETA
Traffic circle ROTARY
Unnerve SPOOK
Wanders around an airport, in brief? TSA
Wearing CLADIN
Welcome in a yoga class NAMASTE
Without a pause INONEGO
___ research (info on a political adversary) OPPO