Wall Street Journal - Feb 21 2023 - Duffel Shuffle

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Clues Answers
“Conquer anger with love” proclaimer BUDDHA
“Good Morning America” network ABC
“Morning Edition” network NPR
“Now it adds up” ISEE
“Oh my!” GOSH
“Open wide, patient!” SAYAH
“The nerve!” WELL
Actionable article LIBEL
Anxious state UNEASE
Ballyhoo ADO
Bank lobby array ATMS
Big number? OPUS
Brings to a close ENDS
Bumble Bee product TUNA
Casual shirts POLOS
Catchall abbr ETC
Coastal flier with a forked tail TERN
Colleague of Sleepy and Sneezy DOC
Conductor Seiji OZAWA
Conscripted fellow DRAFTEE
Control group’s treatment PLACEBO
Convention center event EXPO
Cotton Club ensemble, perhaps SWINGBAND
Dances, punk-style MOSHES
December celebration YULE
Edison’s middle name ALVA
Finish for the Red Cross’s URL ORG
Flight unit STEP
Foreclosure email, perhaps SCAM
Goes on the blink ACTSUP
Gran Canaria, por ejemplo ISLA
Industry bigwig MOGUL
Insect with jaws resembling antlers STAGBEETLE
King of music CAROLE
Lamb’s mother EWE
Like fillies and fawns YOUNG
Medieval poet BARD
Clues Answers
Minnelli of “Cabaret” LIZA
Monopoly avenue next to Ventnor ATLANTIC
Moonfish OPAH
Muppet eagle SAM
Not as remote NEARER
Nullify UNDO
Objective of an applicant JOB
Opening GAP
Perry of fashion ELLIS
Poetry and painting, for two ARTS
Potent java, informally CAF
Potpourri, and a hint to the puzzle theme MIXEDBAG
Pueblo building material ADOBE
Qdoba order TACO
Quadruple FOURFOLD
Quatre + trois SEPT
Ravenous feeling HUNGER
Recess for reading ALCOVE
Removes a curse? BLEEPS
Resident of the Shire HOBBIT
Share a border with ABUT
Site of the humerus, radius and ulna ARM
Some Nikons, briefly SLRS
They may clash EGOS
Tim Cook’s deg MBA
Took to court SUED
Top dog ALPHA
Trendy type of seat YOGABALL
Unbridled happiness JOY
Unwelcome lawn growth CRABGRASS
Vitamin regimen ONEADAY
Wasn’t honest LIED
Where you’ll find the thyme HERBGARDEN
Wise folks SAGES
Word after screen, stress or smell TEST
Word on a name tag HELLO
Yellowstone beast BEAR
___ Vegas LAS