Family Time - Feb 20 2023

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Clues Answers
"A long time ___ in a galaxy far, far away ..." AGO
"Do ___ others ..." UNTO
"That's What Friends ___ For" ARE
Almanac span (2 years) CALENDARYEAR
Barbie's boyfriend, sometimes KEN
Bard's "before" ERE
Bassoon or clarinet insert REED
Be obligated to OWE
Bear or dog hair FUR
Blue comforter of Linus Van Pelt BLANKET
Brightly colored beetle LADYBUG
Bundled cotton BALE
By oneself ALONE
Cheerful GLAD
Clique GANG
Compact ___ player DISC
Couple's possessive OURS
Down in the dumps LOW
Drive up the wall IRK
Escape through a crevice SEEP
Excited about INTO
Fairy-tale villain OGRE
Flower supporter STEM
Fury IRE
Give off EMIT
Is in the past? WAS
It's given to a newborn NAME
Kind of puddle or pie MUD
Land measurement ACRE
Like morning air BRISK
Like the farmer MacDonald OLD
Make an attempt TRY
Clues Answers
Masculine MANLY
MET Opera solo ARIA
Moose or caribou DEER
Moray, e.g EEL
Need medical attention AIL
North, south, east or west (2 words) COMPASSPOINT
Not true FALSE
Number after zero ONE
Opposite of none ALL
Opposite of small BIG
Opposite of stay awake SLEEP
Part of a staircase STEP
Peanut butter ___ jelly AND
Person not telling it like it is LIAR
Pet bird's home, perhaps CAGE
Pixie ___ (Tinkerbell's magic) DUST
Poetic form ODE
Regret RUE
Shoestring LACE
Snapper's snack ALGA
Squeak-stopping application OIL
Top of a gift-wrapped present BOW
Tree-swinging creature APE
Try to persuade URGE
Under the weather ILL
Veggie in a pod PEA
Where you might get pampered SPA
Whipped cream or a cherry, for one TOPPING
Work hard for EARN
Young fellow LAD
___ gray (black tea) EARL
___ mail (email alternative) SNAIL