New York Times - Feb 9 2023

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Clues Answers
'Je t'aime' : French :: '___' : Spanish TEAMO
'Lah-di-___!' DAH
'My alarm didn't go off,' for one EXCUSE
'Ri-i-i-ight' IBET
'Roll doubles to get out of jail' or 'You do not talk about Fight Club' RULE
1978 movie musical starring Diana Ross THEWIZ
Abound TEEM
Absorb, as information LEARN
Actor Elba of 'Cats' IDRIS
Actor George of 'The Goldbergs' SEGAL
As a unit TOGETHER
Call home BATTERUP
Caviar, for example ROE
CBS forensic drama CSI
Centerpiece of an agenda MAINITEM
Cold Asian desert GOBI
Cold Spanish dessert FLAN
Continuation of 18-Across TWOWORDCLUE
Crew top ATEAM
Cuts short BOBS
Does not BUCKS
Does some tech work CODES
Engagement ring BOUT
Evidence of expiration ODOR
Feature of a helmet, maybe VISOR
Firm fruit DOLE
Garment patented in 1914 by Mary Phelps Jacob BRA
Giant storybook OGRE
Gillette razor name ATRA
Give birth to HAVE
Gossip DISH
Grossglockner, for one ALP
Group thinking MENSA
Hwy. accident respondent EMT
Insurance giant bailed out in 2008 AIG
Job bank HEIST
Judge DEEM
Lampooned, with 'up' SENT
Like a neutron star DENSE
Like some committees ADHOC
Lil ___ ('Old Town Road' rapper) NASX
Clues Answers
Look good SCAN
Many a Syrian or Yemeni ARAB
Mount Olympus TRIPOD
Museum curators' degs MFAS
National flower of England ROSE
No soft serve ACE
Not as nasty NICER
Not very much ABIT
Object of hate-watching, perhaps TRASHTV
Official beer sponsor of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics ASAHI
One of the Three Magi CASPAR
Only human, briefly ADAM
Pan Asian WOK
Pelts FURS
Rock hard ORE
Rod used to make yarn SPINDLE
Senator Joni of Iowa ERNST
Signs of trouble OMENS
Singer with the 2016 #1 hit 'Cheap Thrills' SIA
Some nightclub performances CABARETS
Some turban wearers SIKHS
Sound of impact BAM
Sticky plant stuff RESIN
Story spanning generations SAGA
Supreme Egyptian deity AMENRA
Symbol of sharp wit RAPIER
Takes a whiff SNIFFS
Thick Japanese noodle UDON
U.N. member until 1991 USSR
U.S.A., USB or U.S.C. ABBR
Wasn't, then was BECAME
Water buffalo ERIE
Went to third, say SHIFTED
What is she in France? ELLE
Wild West show rope LARIAT
With 66-Across, hint for solving this puzzle REVERSEEACH
Word with square or line DANCE
Young musician NEIL
___ Midas Wolf (Disney's 'Three Little Pigs' antagonist) ZEKE