New York Times - Feb 7 2023

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Clues Answers
'Great' primate APE
'My treat!' ITSONME
'No need to wake me' IMUP
'Well, ___ your heart!' BLESS
'___ bleu!' SACRE
Act confidently STANDTALL
Actor Aykroyd DAN
Author/illustrator Silverstein SHEL
Ballad, e.g SONG
Beast in rare 'sightings' YETI
Big inits. in R.V. hookups KOA
Bit of pageant attire SASH
Bona fide REAL
Brother (and husband) of 15-Across ZEUS
Bryan Batt's role on 'Mad Men' SAL
Buchanan-Duck-Duke DAISYCHAIN
Capital founded during the Viking Age OSLO
Car mentioned in the Beach Boys' 'Fun, Fun, Fun' TBIRD
Confront FACE
Containers of blood or ore VEINS
Cry in an emergency RUN
Distinction HONOR
Donations ALMS
Ending with plug or trade INS
Famed firefighter Red ADAIR
Farewells BYES
Fender-Gibson-Yamaha GUITARSTRING
Finish without anyone winning ENDINATIE
Fishtail, maybe SKID
Forever stamp letters USPS
Fraternity party attire that is traditionally Roman, not Greek TOGA
Future degree for one taking the GMAT MBA
Galley propeller OAR
Give the cold shoulder REBUFF
Greek goddess of marriage HERA
Home to Bryce Canyon UTAH
Homecoming attendee, for short ALUM
Clues Answers
Info on a trading card STAT
Introspective rock genre EMO
Is up, in baseball BATS
Justice Ruth ___ Ginsburg BADER
Like a bug in a rug SNUG
Like some restaurant orders TOGO
Longtime sponsor of 8-Down STP
Louvre Pyramid architect IMPEI
Members of a certain colony ANTS
Not deceived by ONTO
One getting shorter throughout the morning SHADOW
One of several traded for Jack's family cow, in a fairy tale MAGICBEAN
Online address, in brief URL
Operatic solo ARIA
Opposite of save SPEND
Optimal IDEAL
Org. for Jeff Gordon NASCAR
Organizer of a couples cruise? NOAH
Paris Métro-BART-London Underground SUBWAYSERIES
Puzzle (out) SUSS
Scott Joplin's 'Maple ___ Rag' LEAF
Silverado-Ram-Tundra PICKUPLINE
Sister to Angelica and Peggy in 'Hamilton' ELIZA
Snack-motivated Great Dane of toons SCOOB
Some electric cars TESLAS
Some undergarments SLIPS
Something to watch on a telly BBC
Spider's creation WEB
Stadium shout RAH
State flower of 67-Across SEGO
Surrealist Max ERNST
Think ahead PLAN
Third degree? PHD
Took a nosedive FELL
Under the most unfavorable circumstances ATWORST
Willing to enter a lion's den, maybe BRAVE
Word with circular or nail FILE
___ capita PER
___ code (404 Not Found, e.g.) ERROR