Universal - Feb 18 2023

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Clues Answers
"Call of Duty" supply AMMO
"Cinnamon Girl" singer Del Rey LANA
"I'd rather not make concrete plans" LETSPLAYITBYEAR
"Not so fast!" HOLDONASEC
"The ___ of the Rings" LORD
'20s-'30s building style, informally DECO
(I'm shocked!) GASP
2004 teen comedy celebrated on October 3 MEANGIRLS
51-Across emotion ANGST
Actor and civil rights activist Davis OSSIE
Aid in capturing ultra wide-angle images FISHEYELENS
Aids in extracting breast milk PUMPS
Attention-seeking sound AHEM
Aviator Earhart AMELIA
Award related to a Tony OBIE
Ballpark figure GUESSTIMATE
Beer or scotch ingredient MALT
BeReal or Tinder APP
Channels for sad movies? TEARDUCTS
Common model for airing boxing matches PAYPERVIEW
Competes (for) VIES
Cooking oil option CANOLA
Downward ___ (yoga pose) DOG
Fact-filled reference books ALMANACS
Had a soak in a tub BATHED
Handling clumsily FUMBLING
How tied NBA games are decided INOT
Island country east of the Philippines PALAU
LGBT rights activist Windsor EDIE
Like leaning text ITALIC
Longtime web portal AOL
Low-carb diet KETO
Marine mammals mythologized by the Kwakwaka'wakw ORCAS
Clues Answers
Mario's archenemy BOWSER
Milky gems OPALS
Mollusk with an elongated shell MUSSEL
More than simmer BOIL
Musical pairs such as OutKast RAPDUOS
Name that anagrams to a floral necklace ELI
Name that anagrams to a trig ratio INES
New Mexico's official neckwear BOLO
Papas DADS
Parking professional VALET
Part of a COVID rapid test SWAB
Punk relative EMO
Reach great heights SOAR
Reaction to a witty insult OHSNAP
Relieve EASE
Risk everything GOALLIN
Rousing sound ALARM
Slow tempo LENTO
Small, fluffy pooch, for short POM
Solid, liquid, gas and ___ PLASMA
Spaghetti ___ puttanesca ALLA
Spanish soccer chant OLEOLE
Steamy room SAUNA
Summa cum ___ LAUDE
Tennis shot with spin SLICE
They can be underground or open-pit MINES
Ventnor ___ (Monopoly property) AVENUE
Very eccentric person WEIRDO
Voice between soprano and tenor ALTO
Winter hrs. in Indianapolis EST
Word after "surface" or "gray" AREA
www.aclu.___ ORG
___ Tar Pits LABREA