Universal - Feb 17 2023

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Clues Answers
"... good witch ___ bad witch?" ORA
"Entourage" agent Gold ARI
"How you doin'?" in Spanish COMOESTA
"I and the Village" painter Chagall MARC
"Insecure" creator/star ISSARAE
"Let's start the music!" HITIT
"No idea" BEATSME
"Stat!" ASAP
"Too rich for my blood" IMOUT
"We should do that!" LETS
Actor Josh or James BROLIN
Anne or Calvin of fashion KLEIN
Aptly titled motorsports magazine RACER
Artist's stereotypical cap BERET
Bambi and Faline, e.g DEER
Big night for high schoolers PROM
Bonobo, e.g APE
Breaks into tears SOBS
British "dude" CHAP
Burden ONUS
Chest muscles, briefly PECS
Company committee BOARD
Cup with a foot and a stem GOBLET
Electric guitar accessory AMP
Fanatic NUT
Final word of the Bible, appropriately AMEN
Flinch, say REACT
Forcedly adorable CUTESY
Freeway entrance ONRAMP
Futbol cheer OLE
Game that now comes with a Wild Shuffle Hands card UNO
Game you can play with a mate? CHESS
Gets on someone's case NAGS
Give a face-lift to REMODEL
Give the green light SAYYES
Guinness of "Star Wars" ALEC
Happen as a result ENSUE
Hidden valley GLEN
Clues Answers
Hung on to KEPT
Hypotheticals IFS
Insect affected by light pollution MOTH
It might get served in a mess MEAL
Layered cookie OREO
Leap ___ YEAR
Like some histories ORAL
Memorization style ROTE
Notre Dame Fighting ___ IRISH
One who hems but doesn't haw TAILOR
Open ___ night MIC
Owns HAS
Pizzazz OOMPH
Planet named for a god of war MARS
Quarrel over a golf club, literally? SCRAPIRON
Quarrel over a song, literally? SETTOMUSIC
Quarrel over a venue, literally? RUNINPLACE
Quarrel over merchandise, literally? BEEFSTOCK
Rich layer cake TORTE
Shoot an air ball, say MISS
Show contempt for SNEERAT
Showed up CAME
Skydiver's need CHUTE
Sounds from a dying smoke alarm BEEPS
Swindler's scheme RUSE
The ends of the Earth POLES
Toilet paper layers PLIES
Tortoise rival HARE
Vaping device ECIG
Venue for hockey and concerts ARENA
Wall-mounted torch holder SCONCE
Warms (up) HEATS
Waterproof roofing material TARPAPER
What gets stored in the cloud DATA
What the Japanese word "koi" can translate to CARP
Winning or losing series STREAK
Wipe away ERASE