USA Today - Mar 19 2023

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Clues Answers
'Agreed!' AMEN
'Anything ___ I should know?' ELSE
'Aw, darn!' RATS
'Beneath Still Waters' singer EMMYLOUHARRIS
'Good one!' HAH
'How disappointing!' WHATASHAME
'The Fabulous Baker Boys' actor BEAUBRIDGES
'The Matrix' star KEANUREEVES
'Well, duh!' OBVS
'___ whiz!' GEE
Approximately MOREORLESS
Arroz ___ cubana ALA
Bay ___ tree LAUREL
Blood classification TYPE
Bread for a Reuben RYE
Bring about CAUSE
Cared for a friend's pooch DOGSAT
Casual eateries CAFES
Chain founded by the Raffel Brothers ARBYS
Coral formations REEFS
Country north of Chad LIBYA
Devious SLY
Distrustful LEERY
Excessively stock up on HOARD
Exposed BARED
Fastener with a thread SCREW
Fire pit remnants ASHES
Floppy caps BERETS
Four-term POTUS FDR
Got a perfect score on ACED
Grand ___ National Park TETON
Guiding principle CREDO
Had a meal ATE
Herb on a margherita pizza BASIL
Holiday with an egg hunt EASTER
In need of an ice bath SORE
In the vicinity NEAR
It might say 'Welcome' or 'Cute shoes! Take them off' DOORMAT
Keto or paleo, for example DIET
Clues Answers
Lamb's mother EWE
Lamb's sound BAA
Large sports venue ARENA
Laundry machines WASHERS
Leftover traces RESIDUE
Manuscript modification EDIT
Marine mammal with a leopard variety SEAL
Mongolia-to-Kazakhstan direction WEST
Name that's a body part spelled backwards RAE
Nickname for Theodore TED
Nonvirtual, for short IRL
Pale or golden beverages ALES
Parking lot slot SPACE
Particle with a charge ION
Place to stay overnight INN
Places to keep tools SHEDS
Preparation for a political candidate MOCKDEBATE
Private instructor TUTOR
Repeat endlessly LOOP
Sci-fi beings (Abbr.) ETS
Second attempts REDOS
Sing wordlessly HUM
Sits out for a bit RESTS
Snowman in 'Frozen' OLAF
Son of Odin THOR
Sports org. with an ACES Award WTA
Sworn promise OATH
Tall monster in EverQuest OGRE
Think the world of ADORE
Tree with aromatic wood CEDAR
Unexpected win UPSET
Up to the job ABLE
Urban's opposite RURAL
Use a tandoor BAKE
War god associated with vultures ARES
YMCA class ESL
___ Moines, Iowa DES
___ out (barely get) EKE
___-fartsy ARTSY