Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Mar 4 2023

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Clues Answers
"Exodus" author Uris LEON
"Have — a deal for you!" IGOT
1991 Streisand/Nolte film, with "The" PRINCEOFTIDES
About, date-wise CIRCA
Accomplishment FEAT
Accra's country GHANA
Actress Fisher ISLA
Against ANTI
Alaskan seaport NOME
Approves OKS
Author Bagnold ENID
Barrett or Jaffe RONA
Bird (Pref.) AVI
Blue LOW
Bygone Peruvian INCA
Compote fruits PEARS
Conform FITIN
Corn serving EAR
Croquet site LAWN
Curved line ARC
Cushion PAD
Deli creation SUB
Detail, briefly SPEC
Done with OVER
Editor's "keep it" STET
Fella BUB
Gaiety FUN
Glazier's sheets PANES
Hammett pooch ASTA
Heat source SUN
Heavy reading? TOME
Heron's kin EGRET
Historic times ERAS
Clues Answers
Jargon suffix ESE
Jet speed measure MACH
Jo's sister MEG
Joke GAG
Labels TAGS
Leslie Caron role GIGI
Loud kisses SMACKS
Mr. Stravinsky IGOR
Narc's org DEA
Neither mate NOR
One-time link ATA
Outside (Pref.) ECTO
Pooch DOG
Present location? BOX
Prom rental TUX
Raggedy doll ANN
Rating unit STAR
Salad type CAESAR
Salty expanse SEA
School org PTA
Separate SORT
Sheer fabric CHIFFON
Skin breakout ACNE
Slightly wet DAMP
Small bell sound TING
Snooze NAP
Undisputed champ KINGOFTHEHILL
Unuttered "alas" SIGH
Wave riders SURFERS
Writer Ephron NORA
Young foxes KITS
— Paulo SAO