Wall Street Journal - Feb 15 2023 - Exchanging Digits

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Clues Answers
“Much obliged” IMINDEBTED
“Owner of a Lonely Heart” band YES
Aiding and abetting a burglary? BREAKINGINTOO
Answering machine option ERASE
Be obsessed by DWELLON
Big cheese in Greece FETA
Botanical necklace LEI
Capsule quaff TANG
Carrier for sabras ELAL
Certainly not absorbed BORED
Coins introduced in the Second Punic War DENARII
Considerably FAR
Crumples WADSUP
Digital displays LEDS
Display of contempt SNEER
Encouraging words STAYSTRONG
Ferry destination ISLE
Former Mauritian denizen DODO
Furry falsetto of kids’ TV ELMO
Gave the nod OKD
Ghostbuster along with Ray, Winston and Peter EGON
Gloomy GRIM
Got bedroom furnishings in a raffle? WONNIGHTSTANDS
Group of checkers TSA
Guanaco cousin LLAMA
Had been WERE
He and George wrote “I Got Rhythm” IRA
He spends some time in a Sydney dentist’s aquarium NEMO
High points UPS
Host a roast EMCEE
In favor of PRO
In the habit of USEDTO
It can be foul ODOR
Its Europa Clipper is planned for a 2024 launch NASA
Its players wear masks NOH
Join forces ALLY
Clues Answers
Kelly’s co-host RYAN
Khan who founded the Khan Academy SAL
Lacy mat DOILY
Links legend Sam SNEAD
Major exhibition EXPO
More than wants NEEDS
Neither partner NOR
Nike competitor AVIA
Old-school expletives DRATS
Orchestra wind OBOE
Paleozoic super-continent PANGAEA
Physiques, for short BODS
Pitch catcher? EAR
Portentous event OMEN
Pricing word EACH
Printemps follower ETE
Pursued relentlessly HOUNDED
Rogue seller NISSAN
Seeing right through ONTO
Shepherd boy in a 1951 opera AMAHL
Shook off LOST
Sound of suffering MOAN
Speedometer reading in Ont KPH
Strictly opposed to any kind of warning on the golf course? DOWNONALLFORES
Subject for some Ovid poems AMOR
Susceptible to sunburn, maybe PALE
Take back REVOKE
Tea or coffee choice ICED
Tease provokingly NEEDLE
The Boston Americans, after 1907 REDSOX
Tried chopsticks instead of cutlery? ATETHEHARDWAY
Twist, in Dickens literature WAIF
Uber alternative CAB
Wrote in Swift, say CODED