L.A. Times Daily - Feb 12 2023

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Clues Answers
"Arrival" arrivals ETS
"Aw, nuts" DRAT
"Barry" network HBO
"Ben-__" HUR
"Changing the subject ... " LETSNOTGOTHERE
"Consequently ... " ANDSO
"Couldn't agree more" SOTRUE
"I'll take that as __" ANO
"Strega __": Tomie dePaola Caldecott Honor book NONA
"That __ no concern to you" ISOF
"The Naked Chef" chef Oliver JAMIE
Actor Carell STEVE
Appear in print RUN
Arena attendant USHER
Audre Lorde creation POEM
Banana skin PEEL
Become a member JOIN
Blank expression? IGOTNOTHIN
Blender brand OSTER
Breaks down SOBS
Bro kin SIS
Brook swimmer TROUT
Browser button HOME
Cast a ballot VOTED
Champagne choice BRUT
Cheap digs POTSHOTS
Chip to dip NACHO
Civil rights leader Lewis JOHN
Classic Icelandic saga EDDA
Clean Air Act org EPA
Co-owner of the Pequod PELEG
Coddling, for short TLC
Create an outstanding design? EMBOSS
Cultural sphere ARTSCENE
Decides one will OPTSTO
Deli subs HEROS
Dept. of Labor div OSHA
Designer initials DKNY
Documentary photographer Lange DOROTHEA
Drops in STOPSBY
Earthy colour OCHRE
Ecological communities BIOMES
Effectiveness POTENCY
Emotionless STONY
Feathery neckwear BOA
Fitbit unit STEP
Flatbread made with atta flour ROTI
Foreboding OMINOUS
Forum admin MOD
Function USE
Gearshift topper KNOB
Genuflected KNELT
Giggle syllable HEE
Gilda who won an Emmy for 66-Across RADNER
Goes back out EBBS
Golden years OLDAGE
Govt. security TBILL
Great Plains people OTOE
Gulf Coast region SOUTHEAST
Hard to find RARE
High-stakes gridiron situation, and a feature of eight long puzzle answers DOUBLEOT
Homecoming cry ITSME
Jekyll's counterpart HYDE
Justice Sotomayor SONIA
K.T. of country music OSLIN
Kenan Thompson's show, for short SNL
Kiosk at some wedding receptions PHOTOBOOTH
Knitting __ NEEDLE
Lacking SANS
Clues Answers
Lauder of cosmetics ESTEE
Legend ICON
Like a liberal commercial aviation agreement OPENSKIES
Like many bathmats NONSLIP
Longtime NASCAR sponsor STP
Madrid museum ELPRADO
March family creator ALCOTT
Matthew of "The Americans" RHYS
Meal- and exercise-tracking app NOOM
Member of a TikTok subculture EBOY
Memo phrase INRE
More than a little mentally fatigued TOOTIREDTOTHINK
Mosaic piece TESSERA
Mountainous Asian republic NEPAL
NFL passing stat ATT
Not great, quality-wise THIRDRATE
On point APT
Onion kin LEEK
Overthinks things, say OBSESSES
Painter Magritte RENE
Palette choice HUE
PBS painter Bob ROSS
Play opener ACTI
Playpen cry MAMA
Pop singer Britney SPEARS
Preface, briefly INTRO
Printer supply INK
Pub device ALETAP
Radiate EMIT
Renée __ Goldsberry of "Girls5eva" ELISE
River near the Great Pyramid NILE
Sample TASTE
School near Windsor ETON
Seemingly forever EON
Selected during Duck, Duck, Goose, say TAPPEDON
Semi-oxidized teas OOLONGS
Set in stone, say ETCH
Short-form blog platform TUMBLR
Slept soundly after a big day CRASHED
Slow-moving tree-dweller TWOTOEDSLOTH
Sounds of understanding AHS
Soup scoop LADLE
Spot for primer and shadow, maybe EYELID
Spots for checks and balances? ATMS
Staley Da Bear, for one FOOTBALLMASCOT
Standing Rock people LAKOTA
Stretch often named for a leader ERA
Super vision? ESP
Surgeon, informally ORDOC
Theater backdrop SCRIM
Three-faced Greek goddess HECATE
Ticket leftover STUB
Tolkien series, to fans LOTR
Took away from, as profits ATEINTO
Top-__ NOTCH
Tuba sound PAH
Unrefined one BOOR
Vellani who plays Kamala Khan on "Ms. Marvel" IMAN
Wash out RINSE
Whack SWAT
Whiz ACE
Willow variety OSIER
Women SHES
Words to live by MOTTO
Writer Silverstein SHEL
__ Domini ANNO
__ Fresh: fast-casual Tex-Mex chain BAJA
__ Lama DALAI
__ pool GENE