Wall Street Journal - Feb 11 2023 - In the Drink

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Clues Answers
“100 Years...100 Movies” org AFI
“100% guaranteed!” CANTFAIL
“Get ___” (2014 James Brown biopic) ONUP
“Rats!” DANG
“Tosca” tune ARIA
1930s boxing champ Max BAER
Abominable VILE
About INRE
Address for a monarch SIRE
Airstream owner RVER
Antimony’s neighbor on the periodic table TIN
Antitrust agcy FTC
Arizona people HOPI
Babysitter’s handful IMP
Bangkok coin BAHT
Base bigwigs, briefly COS
Bassoon cousin OBOE
Because of OWEDTO
Beer-making ingredients for touring music groups? HOPSONTHEBANDWAGON
Betrays nervousness PACES
Bilbo’s relative FRODO
Bird also called a butcherbird SHRIKE
Bohr’s study ATOM
Bring home EARN
Bus. major’s exam GMAT
By way of VIA
California county ORANGE
Caramel candy ROLO
Cash in REDEEM
Centaur slain by Hercules NESSUS
City southeast of Roma NAPOLI
Coffee company founder Alfred PEET
Coffee-making ingredients for ceramicists? GROUNDSFORFIRING
Commute for some BUSRIDE
Compass heading NNW
Counterfeiter catcher TMAN
Cut out FLED
D-Day troop carrier LST
Detachable container POD
Egyptian serpent ASP
Encouraging EGGINGON
Equals ARE
Financial page inits NYSE
First letters for radio operators ALFAS
Florida’s DeSantis RON
Flyers’ org NHL
Flying jib, e.g SAIL
For the most part NORMALLY
For us OUR
Freshwater sunfishes CRAPPIES
Frozen fries brand OREIDA
Get out while the getting is good BAIL
Gulf rival CITGO
Harry Potter’s uncle VERNON
He and the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change won the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize ALGORE
High-stepping aid STILT
Hippy performance HULA
House shower REALTOR
Inspired flash IDEA
Introductory course, sometimes SOUP
Lab entrance? DOGDOOR
Landfill emanations STENCHES
Laura of “Jurassic World Dominion” DERN
Like some chairs ENDOWED
Liquor-making ingredients for polygraph experts? GRAINSOFTRUTH
Living areas HABITATS
Mahershala of “Moonlight” ALI
Make secret ENCODE
Marijuana extract CBD
Clues Answers
Massage target ACHE
Matrix escapee NEO
Money guarantor, for short FDIC
More massive LARGER
Multicharacter face EMOTICON
Name that has its ups and downs OTIS
Nebraska people OTOE
Neurologist’s test, briefly EEG
Novelist in a John Irving novel TSGARP
Olympics speeders LUGES
On the schedule SLATED
Oolong-making ingredients for ministers? LEAVESATTHEALTAR
Opera singers Almati, Kern and Isaac ADELES
Part of, as a plot INON
Piece of curling equipment BROOM
Play makeup ACTS
Polish off EAT
Pompeii covering ASH
Primer, e.g COAT
Promise, e.g OLEO
Punchline indicator RIMSHOT
Radius partner ULNA
Relief org FEMA
Rose of rock AXL
Rose’s love in a 1920s play ABIE
Salt Lake City team UTES
Salt’s “halt!” AVAST
Shade at the beach TAN
Shilling, in slang BOB
Shocked big time POLEAXED
Sigh, say EXHALE
Ski resort near Snowbird ALTA
Sleepy friend DOC
Slip up GOOF
Smoothie-making ingredients for midwives? FRUITSOFTHEIRLABOR
Snoop’s 2002 album “Paid ___ Cost to Be da Boss” THA
Some phone messages ALERTS
Spotlight hog’s problem EGOISM
Start of a Caesar boast ICAME
Stratagem TACTIC
Subject of old French cheers LEROI
Summer cooler ICEDTEA
Swivel, like most home entrances OPENIN
Syr. neighbor ISR
Take ___ for the worse ATURN
Tolerated ABIDED
Tough tests ORALS
Trail mix GORP
Truck capacity, sometimes ONETON
Undecided AGNOSTIC
Undiscovered LATENT
Unsure utterances EHS
USA Today publisher GANNETT
Verdi venues TEATROS
Voting “nay” CON
Wall support STUD
Was sweet (on) DOTED
Way cool SODOPE
What some musicians play by EAR
Wild parts of Australia BUSH
Will Ferrell Christmas movie ELF
Wine-making ingredients for rageaholics? GRAPESOFWRATH
X, at times CHI
___ Moines DES