Universal - Feb 9 2023

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Clues Answers
"Back to the Future" actress Thompson LEA
"Enough!" STOP
"Go away!" SHOO
"Green Light" singer, 2017 LORDE
"Jingle Bells," e.g CAROL
"Know what I'm sayin'?" YAHEARD
"Wait, there's more ..." ALSO
"___ Misbehavin'" (jazz standard) AINT
364,900 square miles, for Tanzania AREA
4 years, for Argentina's president TERM
Almost the same ALIKE
Atlanta health org CDC
Back in style RETRO
Bats' home CAVE
Brit's potty LOO
Compete on "Chopped" COOK
Dry as a desert ARID
Feeling blue MOROSE
Fender bender results DENTS
Fire-breathing Greek monster CHIMERA
Fix "typoss," say EDIT
Freelancers' quotes RATES
Gear sprocket COG
Get off the internet? DOWNLOAD
Grifter's scheme SCAM
Guitar maker Paul LES
Hair goops GELS
Helvetica's cousin ARIAL
In the blink of an ___ EYE
Intensifies, with "up" AMPS
It makes up about 15% of your body weight SKELETON
It may be scrambled EGG
Journalist on "CNN This Morning" DONLEMON
Lake north of Cleveland ERIE
Lamborghinis, e.g CARS
Large, striped cat TIGER
Like the Mariana Trench DEEP
Loud racket DIN
Clues Answers
MALM desk seller IKEA
Menzel of "Frozen" IDINA
Miracle-___ GRO
Mosey along AMBLE
Most common word in English THE
Mysterious symbol RUNE
Name that anagrams to "rub on" BRUNO
Nearly finished, or a description of the first words of 20-, 35- and 41-Across ALMOSTDONE
Never-ending ETERNAL
Ninja's asset STEALTH
Nordic city once called Christiania OSLO
Partner for life ONEANDONLY
Posthumous bio OBIT
Puzzle in which kids make connections DOTTODOT
Regular routine HABIT
Roadside eatery DINER
Score unit POINT
Scored perfectly on ACED
Slow, tree-dwelling mammal SLOTH
Star cluster? ALIST
Star ___ (Asian spice) ANISE
Start of a refrain in "Do-Re-Mi" DOEADEER
Staying power LONGEVITY
Student's obstacle TEST
Thor's father ODIN
Title girl in Kay Thompson books ELOISE
Tree whose name sounds like a vowel YEW
Type of oil in weed gummies CBD
Ultimate approval SAYSO
Wade Wilson's alter ego, in Marvel comics DEADPOOL
Wanderer NOMAD
Wear on a runway MODEL
Well-organized NEAT
What's picked up in a hurry? PACE
When doubled, a tot's train CHOO
Word before "trick" or "tree" HAT