The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 30,206 - Jan 25 2023

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Clues Answers
Avoid parties with favourite from the south SIDESTEP
Behave as prisoner with previous? CONFORM
Big boots offering edge oddly missing in battles WADERS
Brief -- unless before end of play NOTIFY
Dignitary from Rome say, upset with end of mass MAYORESS
Doctor can misread official agreement CONCORDAT
Exercises twice before unwrapping rich digestive PEPTIC
Express could produce topless spread UTTER
Fair charge will cover start of this FETE
Flier may get move, right to the south of European capital BUDGERIGAR
Goes through rubbish, mostly saving poetry TRAVERSES
Hard work and good service -- on time GRAFT
Isolated and lacking feeling? OUTOFTOUCH
Lad raised on hospital grub NOSH
Leave be, with no end of mess EXIT
Clues Answers
Lots of one sought by bargain hunter AGREATDEAL
One could get bored in Qatar, for example OILFIELD
Pairs game coming as result of unusually bold use? MIXEDDOUBLES
Power engineers are inclined to put on an act PRETEND
Prior to run, draw level TIER
Result in French is absent from publication ENSUE
Rough quotation of energy nonsensical at times ESTIMATE
Set-up of popular stop with everyone inside INSTALLATION
Sort of tribute that might be spoken in support of Florida FLORAL
The strange island state with moral values ETHICAL
Thought right choice has to include head of finance REFLECTION
Turn talk around? One's certainly capable of that! WINDBAG
United subject to European record with new side being praised EULOGISED
Went out with note penned by father DATED
Workers keeping united with friend as target of abuse AUNTSALLY