Universal - Feb 2 2023

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Clues Answers
"At Last" singer James ETTA
"Aw, shucks" DRAT
"Don't worry about it" NONEED
"Drop Dead Gorgeous" actress Amy ADAMS
"Hot Right Now" singer Rita ORA
"How's it goin'?" SUP
"I deserve some pity!" POORME
"If you ask me ..." IMO
"Let 'er ___!" RIP
"The ___ is your oyster" WORLD
"What a relief!" PHEW
*Cultural ethos represented by the word "aloha" HAWAIIANSPIRIT
*Geographic region for the Aleutian Islands SOUTHWESTALASKA
*Like Archie and Lilibet Mountbatten-Windsor, nationality-wise BRITISHAMERICAN
2023 Cricket World Cup host INDIA
Basic point GIST
Building with a moat CASTLE
Check an ID CARD
Clip artist? BARBER
College, to Brits UNI
Comedian Nancherla APARNA
Commotion STIR
Digging INTO
Digital game inspired by Mastermind WORDLE
East Coast convenience store chain WAWA
Employs USES
Extinct bird DODO
Fancy party GALA
Floral garland LEI
Frying liquid OIL
Go green, maybe? ROT
Goals AIMS
Hunk of goo GOB
iComfort mattress maker SERTA
In the manner of ALA
Clues Answers
Informative TV ads PSAS
Jenner of "KUWTK" KRIS
Lady who has won 13 Grammys GAGA
Linguist Chomsky NOAM
Lugged TOTED
Makes room, in a way SCOOTSOVER
Middle-of-the-night hour THREEAM
Netflix miniseries about a young mother who finds work cleaning houses MAID
Odd duck MISFIT
Opposite of paleo- NEO
Overwhelm SWAMP
Popular period tracking app FLO
Positioned in the middle MEDIAL
Produce, like an egg LAY
Rent-a-car company AVIS
Rocking horse rider TOT
Round object ORB
Screw up ERR
Short concession speech ILOST
Six-pack makeup ABS
Sloth, e.g SIN
Slugger's stat RBI
Sound from a pig SNORT
Spanish term of endearment MIAMOR
STEM branch: Abbr SCI
Stuff that's brushed HAIR
Teeny arachnid MITE
That, in Spanish ESO
Touch gently PAT
Travel company headquartered in Chicago, and an apt description of the starred clues' answers UNITEDAIRLINES
Unidentified author, for short ANON
Watch covertly SPYON
Words that might precede a legal name change IDO
Worker who calls strikes? UMP
You often raise your glass for one TOAST
___ gobi (potato and cauliflower dish) ALOO