USA Today - Mar 8 2023

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Clues Answers
'Cut it out!' STOP
'It's ___-win situation' ANO
'Lemme think . . .' HMM
'Living in the Past' rock group JETHROTULL
'No clue!' IDUNNO
'Pretty Little Liars' author Shepard SARA
'Rome wasn't built ___ day' INA
'The Big Sick' actress Holly HUNTER
'You ___ thing!' POOR
'___ a Fun Age' (Kiley Reid novel) SUCH
24-Across minus the first letter ATE
African equine ZEBRA
Althea Gibson's domain PROTENNIS
At some point in the past ONCE
Avoids skillfully DODGES
Boast BRAG
Bone near the radius ULNA
Business name abbr INC
Chip away at ERODE
Common first word DADA
Coupe alternative SEDAN
Creative spark IDEA
Cross the threshold ENTER
Crush into a pulp MASH
Deceptive offer SCAM
Dog-biting pest FLEA
Ella Fitzgerald singing style SCAT
Evil Kermit or Arthur's Fist MEME
Extra ingredient in some sunscreens ALOE
Eyebrow parts HAIRS
Fields of study AREAS
Flower in the Portland Thorns logo ROSE
Friend, in Spanish AMIGO
Fun, fast-paced movie ROMP
Gibbon or bonobo APE
Got by somehow MADEDO
H.S. junior's exam PSAT
Highest peak in North America DENALI
Historian's focus ERA
Clues Answers
Host city of the 2014 Winter Games SOCHI
If the stars ___ (in the best-case scenario) ALIGN
Insult by ignoring SLIGHT
It might be snoozed ALARM
Lard or suet ANIMALFAT
Lifelong pal BFF
Like an airless tire FLAT
Makeshift boat RAFT
Manage to grab NAB
Members of the President's Own band MARINES
Mo. in which Nowruz is celebrated MAR
More up-to-date NEWER
No, in German NEIN
Part of a basketball hoop NET
Performing ___ center ARTS
Pipe ___, the largest musical instrument ORGAN
Post-injury regimen REHAB
Prize worn on a podium MEDAL
Proofreader's catch ERROR
Provides warmth to HEATS
Quench SATE
Quick punch JAB
San Jose, Costa ___ RICA
Singer Apollo OMAR
Sister channel of QVC HSN
Sister Sledge genre DISCO
Stinging comment BARB
Strict enforcement of rules ZEROTOLERANCE
Stuffed cornmeal cake AREPA
Tall Egyptian landmark CAIROTOWER
Tall seat BARSTOOL
Tongue part TIP
Took the train RODE
Topping for linguine CLAMSAUCE
Tribute with friendly insults ROAST
Umami detectors TASTEBUDS
Was ahead LED
___ and puff HUFF