USA Today - Mar 3 2023

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Clues Answers
''Tis a ___' PITY
'I get it now!' OHH
'In that case . . .' IFSO
'Me again!' IMBACK
'Not a chance!' NOSIREE
'See ya!' TATA
'South to America' author Perry IMANI
'Violeta' author Isabel ALLENDE
'Worst Picture' award RAZZIE
'___: Miami' CSI
2019 Harry Styles album FINELINE
Any day now SOON
Barrel with a tap BEERKEG
Beekeeper's jarful HONEY
Biblical boat ARK
Brand repped by swimmer Erica Sullivan SPEEDO
Car that's hailed CAB
Casing for many legumes POD
Come into view APPEAR
Conclusion END
Fury IRE
Goes very fast ZOOMS
Grain for jollof RICE
Green 'big four' gemstone EMERALD
Had the guts DARED
Himalayan ox YAK
In need of moisturizer ASHY
Jeweled crowns TIARAS
Jigsaw puzzle component PIECE
Like someone who experiences little to no sexual and romantic attraction, for short AROACE
Long-lasting nail option ACRYLICS
Make a ___ (decrease slightly) DENT
Measured with a stopwatch TIMED
Member of a litter KITTEN
Most board games come in one BOX
Most frosty ICIEST
Needle-dropping tree PINE
Clues Answers
No, in German NEIN
Not hilly FLAT
One might be a chip off the old block SON
P.E. class setting GYM
Paddle relative OAR
Part of a place setting TABLEKNIFE
Picture within a picture INSET
Piece of asparagus SPEAR
Piece of body art, for short TAT
Plural form of 'is' ARE
Possesses HAS
Prefix with 'physics' ASTRO
Provide food for a wedding CATER
Race segment LEG
Reeked STANK
Region ZONE
Retina's organ EYE
Rhyming drink MAITAI
Roth ___ IRA
School nurses might administer them MEDS
Sharp shout YELP
Signed, like a contract INKED
Slalom athlete's headgear SKICAP
Small unit of mass GRAM
Smoothie berry ACAI
Splinter from 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,' e.g RAT
State capital where Gwendolyn Brooks was born TOPEKAKANSAS
Stickers on envelopes STAMPS
Suggestions, for short RECS
Tall, reedy plant CATTAIL
Teacher's ___ (classroom helper) AIDE
Unit of cauliflower HEAD
Used iMessage TEXTED
Wading bird with a downcurved bill IBIS
Went kaput DIED
Whistling stovetop item TEAKETTLE
Word repeated after 'If at first you don't succeed' TRY
___ or Nothing (punny name for a brewery) ALE
___ over (sustain for now) TIDE