USA Today - Mar 2 2023

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Clues Answers
'All kidding ___ . . .' ASIDE
'Beware the ___ of March' IDES
'Get lost!' SCRAM
'Go easy ___' ONME
'Sounds rough' OOF
'Uh-huh' YEAH
Animal associated with Aries RAM
Big taste of a drink SWIG
Brittle ginger cookie SNAP
Buzzing insect BEE
Change the color of DYE
Class above jrs SRS
Coconut ___ OIL
Comedian Kearney MOLLY
Comment after making a bad pun ILLSEEMYSELFOUT
Comment from a kitten MEOW
Detergent capsules PODS
Don't leave STAY
Duckling's dad DRAKE
Eve song with the lyric 'And I'm gonna take my time' LETMEBLOWYAMIND
Exercise in which a weight is raised to hip level DEADLIFT
Features of some skirts SLITS
Go to the other side of the street CROSS
Grooves made by wheels RUTS
Heaviest fencing sword EPEE
Helpful section of a website FAQS
Holder of an unfinished painting EASEL
Homophone of 'meet' METE
Household animal PET
Indigenous art form that uses porcupine spines QUILLWORK
Keep ___ on (monitor) TABS
Kinshasa's country, for short DRC
Knotted TIED
Korean-made cars KIAS
Language that influenced Protactile ASL
Letters next to the 2 on a phone keypad ABC
Like a queen REGAL
Longhair's owner CATPARENT
Clues Answers
Loses fur SHEDS
Moisturizer applied above the cheekbones EYECREAM
Mrs., in Spanish SRA
Mustache parts HAIRS
Nairobi's country KENYA
Nonfiction film, for short DOC
Old artifact RELIC
Path from point A to point B ROUTE
Pay to borrow RENT
Pine or oak TREE
Place for gloss LIP
Pointed part of a fox EAR
Prefix for 'cycle' or 'corn' UNI
Pyramid schemes, for example SCAMS
Queen Ramonda, to Shuri MOM
Red light meaning STOP
Rock music genre EMO
Second attempts REDOS
Secret agent SPY
Senior community member ELDER
Single-stranded molecule RNA
Sleep aid with a strap MASK
Slimy creature with a shell SNAIL
Small taste of a drink SIP
Sparkly headpiece TIARA
Studies hurriedly CRAMS
Stylish CHIC
Sun-related SOLAR
Teeny bit TAD
The Caribbean, e.g SEA
Third-person pronoun HIM
Third-person pronoun HER
Top-tier ELITE
Two-strand twists, for example PROTECTIVESTYLE
WNBA team owned by the Mohegan Tribe CONNECTICUTSUN
Young human or goat KID
Zodiac lion LEO
___ Rachel Wood EVAN
___, dos, tres UNO