USA Today - Mar 1 2023

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Clues Answers
'Call Us What We Carry' poet AMANDAGORMAN
'Dynamite' K-pop band BTS
'I Wanna Be With You' singer MANDYMOORE
'It's simple!' EASY
'Nah, I'll pass' COUNTMEOUT
'Of course, madame!' OUI
'Rats!' DARN
'Ready, ___ . . . ' SET
'___ luck!' LOTSA
'___-ching!' CHA
And so forth (Abbr.) ETC
Banquet hall platform DAIS
Blown away AWED
Cain's brother ABEL
California wine region NAPA
Can't do without NEED
Crispy fried bread PURI
Currency in Italy and Ireland EURO
Dandelion part STEM
Do-___ (mulligans) OVERS
Early string instrument LUTE
Eighth of a cup OUNCE
Features of distressed jeans RIPS
Fortune cookie phrases ADAGES
Frolic ROMP
Genuine LEGIT
Get just right NAIL
Get progressively narrower TAPER
Give consent SAYYES
Glossy bedsheet fabric SATEEN
Gorilla, for example APE
Indicate something subtly DROPAHINT
Island near Venezuela ARUBA
It can lead to arrogance EGO
Japanese noodle soup RAMEN
Lawn-tidying tool EDGER
Like the taste of rhubarb SOUR
Liquid in a dispenser near a sink SOAP
Living ___ (performer who stays very still) STATUE
Clues Answers
Major essay TERMPAPER
Maker of the Genesis console SEGA
Metal-bearing rocks ORES
Minimum ___ WAGE
Next-___ technology GEN
Non-___ corn flour GMO
Nostalgic songs OLDIES
Not yet decided, for short TBD
Offended HURT
Oklahoma city on the Arkansas River TULSA
Olympic fencing blade EPEE
Part of a louvered door SLAT
Part of a song VERSE
Peach pits STONES
Pet's human OWNER
Pickle pieces SPEARS
Precisely correct SPOTON
Prefix similar to 'uber-' ULTRA
Regular USUAL
Roofing calculation AREA
Scrabble value of D or G TWO
Singer's contract manager AGENT
Sixth sense ESP
Social equal PEER
Southwestern hills with flat tops MESAS
Spanish for 'Miss' (Abbr.) SRTA
Speak from a stand ORATE
Star of the one-woman play 'Ann' HOLLANDTAYLOR
Suitable APT
Sun, in Spanish SOL
Swimming competition MEET
Time on a job STINT
Turnips and ginger, for example ROOTS
Verbalizes SAYS
Viva ___ (2023 Pantone Color of the Year) MAGENTA
Water, in Spanish AGUA
Word aptly hidden in 'Bavarian State Opera' ARIA
Yoga surface MAT
___ Speedwagon REO