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Clues Answers
"Caveman diet" PALEO
"Danke —" SCHON
"Drive South" singer John HIATT
"Hello" singer ADELE
"How — Your Mother" IMET
"No doubt!" ILLBET
"Sn" element TIN
"Sometimes you feel like —" ANUT
"That's false!" NOTSO
"Veni," translated ICAME
"Yoo- —!" HOO
1992 Guns N' Roses hit NOVEMBERRAIN
1995-2006 TV channel UPN
Act as arbiter MEDIATE
Actor Rob LOWE
Actor sharing top billing COSTAR
African nation whose capital is Bamako MALI
African nation whose capital is Conakry GUINEA
African nation whose capital is Lomé TOGO
Alluring attributes GLAMOURS
Amply skilled ABLE
Apt word spelled out by the first letters of eight answers in this puzzle PHONETIC
Apt. overseer SUPT
Architectural wings ELLS
Arm bones ULNAE
Around 12 p.m NOONISH
Averse (to) LOATH
Backboard attachment RIM
Backboard attachment HOOP
Bakery buys PIES
Barely beats NOSESOUT
Blissful sites EDENS
Boil briefly BLANCH
Born, to Luc NEE
Boy actor in 1937's "Elephant Boy" SABU
Brand of fat substitute OLEAN
Brazil's largest city SAOPAULO
Brittle CRISP
Cast off skin SHED
Caviar source ROE
Chicago hub OHARE
Civil rights icon Parks ROSA
Coll. hotshot BMOC
Coll. in Dallas SMU
Cut-rate, in adspeak ECONO
Daytime nap SIESTA
Deadly vipers ASPS
Dependent RELIANT
Diarist Anaïs NIN
Doctrine TENET
Doesn't lack HAS
Doing certain ballroom moves TANGODANCING
Dot on some transit maps BUSSTOP
Dune locale SEASHORE
Emmy winner Remini LEAH
Extermination target PEST
Extermination targets ANTS
Fixed-up building REHAB
Football's Flutie DOUG
Football's Marino DAN
French noble DUC
Gave a coif STYLED
Grasslands LEAS
Greek H's ETAS
Hat edge BRIM
Hebrew month ADAR
Hoagie HERO
Hoagies SUBS
Hollywood's Morales ESAI
Ignited anew RELIT
Clues Answers
In a lying, faceup position SUPINELY
In a new way AFRESH
Injury vestige SCAR
Internet ID URL
Island feast LUAU
Island guitar UKULELE
Italian peak ETNA
Japanese green tea sencha
Kind of energy KINETIC
Knotting up TYING
Lava or Dial SOAP
Le Duc — (1992-97 president of Vietnam) ANH
Like giraffes TALL
Lister's abbr ETC
Mafia's Frank NITTI
Marriott, e.g HOTELCHAIN
Messy roommate on "The Odd Couple" OSCARMADISON
Method of measuring ocean depth ECHOSOUNDING
Moniker for novelist Ernest PAPAHEMINGWAY
Monikers NAMES
Mu — pork SHU
Musical mark for "extremely softly" PPPP
NATO has a special one for spelling out words over the radio ALPHABET
Navel type INNIE
Nectar lover BEE
NFL scores TDS
Normandy city CAEN
Often-dried fruit FIG
One revising something AMENDER
Operated by water under pressure HYDRAULIC
Ovum EGG
Pitcher Ryan NOLAN
Plant pouch SAC
Portrayer of Jax Teller on "Sons of Anarchy" CHARLIEHUNNAM
Praline bit PECAN
Provo people UTAHANS
Puente of mambo TITO
Pupil of Plato ARISTOTLE
Raccoon kin COATI
Road coater TAR
Rule for homework time, perhaps NOTV
Sailors' saint ELMO
Sentra maker NISSAN
Show filmed at 30 Rock SNL
Shrubland HEATH
Singer Waters ETHEL
Skillful feats DEEDS
Some small batteries AAS
Spanish bar appetizers TAPAS
Steelers' gp AFC
Sticky stuff GOOP
Sticky stuff TAPE
Suffer ruin PERISH
Suffix with prop- ANE
Sunny lobbies ATRIA
Symbol of innocence LAMB
Symbol of innocence HALO
Tennis' Arthur ASHE
Thick carpets SHAGS
Trig topics ANGLES
Very angry RAGEFUL
Very thin material for book pages INDIAPAPER
Wanes EBBS
Weed B- — GON
Whale's half-rise out of the water SPYHOP
Yak it up GAB
Yoko of music and art ONO
— -Caps SNO
— -ground missile AIRTO
— Zedong MAO