Universal - Feb 1 2023

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Clues Answers
"Holy moly!" WOW
"I'm fre-e-e-zing!" ITSCOLD
"In your face!" BOOYA
"My bad!" OOPSY
"Or ___!" (ultimatum ender) ELSE
"Sour grapes" fabulist AESOP
"Warrior" actor Nick NOLTE
... about a quirky golf shirt? ASTRANGEPOLO
... about the private life of singer Ariana? THESECRETGRANDE
... about where to become a sommelier? SCHOOLOFCORK
18-wheeler, e.g RIG
Accounting giant ___ & Young ERNST
Acted all lovey-dovey? COOED
Actress Kendrick ANNA
Actress Vardalos or Long NIA
Arbor Day mo APR
Baklava sweetener HONEY
Battery in many remotes AAA
Blood donation unit PINT
Boo-boo or blooper ERROR
Born, in a wedding announcement NEE
Bulleted list entry ITEM
Carry a mortgage, say OWE
Caviar measure OUNCE
Cease STOP
Centipede's many LEGS
Chinese soup variety EGGDROP
Colombian coin PESO
Cookie with a Snickerdoodle flavor OREO
Core workout target ABS
Cravings URGES
Decide OPT
Digging tool SPADE
Early birds' opposites NIGHTOWLS
End-of-letter letters PPS
Everglades reptile, for short CROC
Gamble away LOSE
Gavel-pounder's word ORDER
Half a sextet TRIO
Clues Answers
Hurricane center EYE
Inside job? DECOR
It's often cut and dried HAIR
Like some salmon and sardines OILY
Lil ___ X ("Star Walkin'" rapper) NAS
Lyft alternative CAB
Meringue recipe verb WHIP
Morse "Mayday!" SOS
Mouse-spotter's shriek EEK
Musical about photographer Leibovitz chasing her wildebeest? ANNIEGETYOURGNU
Newlywed's new relative INLAW
Noah's favorite number? TWO
Off-limits act NONO
Overhaul, as a building REHAB
Peaty place BOG
Puts into words SAYS
Rain buckets POUR
Red Sox, on scoreboards BOS
Rump or rib cut ROAST
Saxophone variety ALTO
Showbiz award acronym EGOT
Sign of weak cell service ONEBAR
Socially distant ALOOF
Solo for Renata Scotto ARIA
Squeaky mouse, perhaps CATTOY
Steak specification RARE
Stilettos or pumps, e.g HIGHHEELS
Surgery prep area PREOP
Teacher's words on a failed test SEEME
Texas ___'em HOLD
Took the series without a loss SWEPT
Transcript abbr GPA
WhatsApp convos CHATS
Whiskey serving SHOT
Windy City touchdown site OHARE
Witherspoon of "The Morning Show" REESE
Worn-down pencil STUB
Yoko from Tokyo ONO
___ Rosa, Calif SANTA