Wall Street Journal - Feb 1 2023 - Circle of Life

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Clues Answers
“Ghosts” network CBS
“Move it!” SCOOT
“OMG!” sound GASP
...bakery offering/cinema.. CAKEPOP
...juice and sometimes egg white/harvest festival.. SOURCANDY
...snack/cocktail made with lemon.. CORNWHISKEY
...treat sometimes covered in nuts/rich, moist.. APPLEBUTTER
1994 NL Manager of the Year Felipe ALOU
47-Across, for Bellerophon STEED
Author Bagnold ENID
Baffin or Biscayne BAY
Bat cave accumulation GUANO
Big number, perhaps FINALE
Blog entry POST
Bungle FLUB
Cab relative ZIN
Climb RISE
Confuse ADDLE
Contend for superiority VIE
Crete’s Mount ___ IDA
Cut deep GASHED
Dole out ALLOT
Dr. visit APPT
Ecological hierarchy, and a structure found in this puzzle FOODCHAIN
Embarrassing mistake GAFFE
Existed in bygone times WERE
Facilitate EASE
Feathery wraps BOAS
Finds a spot for SEATS
Fish also called a horse mackerel SCAD
Forgo frugality SPEND
Hands on decks TARS
He sprang from the blood of Medusa PEGASUS
Hedgehog of video games SONIC
Higgledy-piggledy INDISORDER
House work results? LAWS
Indigo, e.g DYE
Clues Answers
Jerk ASS
Kin partner KITH
Last of 26 ZEE
List-shortening letters ETC
Loved ones IDOLS
Makes a smoothie PUREES
Many an opera villainess ALTO
Many opera villains BASSI
Mate PAL
Mea ___ CULPA
Microchip factory, for short FAB
Mont Blanc, e.g ALP
Not a company man LONER
Not true ASKEW
Of bygone times OLDEN
Openly confesses AVOWS
Org. based in the Orville Wright Federal Building FAA
Over the top, in slang EXTRA
Pint purveyors PUBS
Place LIEU
Place for un pique-nique PARC
Printer component, often LASER
Question after a holdup AMILATE
Scotch request ONTHEROCKS
Scraped (by) EKED
Secretive org CIA
Sight from the drawbridge MOAT
Simple dance pattern BOXSTEP
Strategies that mess with your head PSYOPS
Tablets, smartphones and the like SCREENS
Trend identifier POLL
TV network, e.g AIRER
Unexpected deviation BLIP
Wannabe knight PAGE
Wee bit TAD
Williams of the Temptations OTIS
Without break ONEND
Yard sign FORSALE