Wall Street Journal - Jan 31 2023 - Double Standard

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Clues Answers
“Dallas” family name EWING
“Hurry it up!” CMON
“No More I Love ___” (Annie Lennox song) YOUS
“Patton” and “Gandhi” BIOPICS
“Poor baby, wah-wah!” BOOHOO
“Sleepless in Seattle” writer/director Ephron NORA
“Total awww!” SOCUTE
Affirmative in Arles OUI
Airline since 1948 ELAL
Antonym of 47-Across NON
Author’s protection, and a hint to 20-, 31- and 37-Across COPYRIGHTLAW
Billion years EON
Blend together MELD
Bummer DRAG
Cat call? MEOW
Charged atom ION
City down the coast from Tampa SARASOTA
Cloth scrap RAG
Conciliatory gift SOP
Confront aggressively ACCOST
Cornhole tries TOSSES
Divested (of) RID
Dove sound COO
Driver’s prop TEE
Exorbitant STEEP
Falco of “The Sopranos” EDIE
Feel poorly AIL
Foul up ERR
Game with mallets POLO
Globe divider EQUATOR
Grant, Hayes, Garfield, Harrison, McKinley, Taft or Harding OHIOAN
Guitar great Paul LES
Ham it up EMOTE
Hard to grasp OPAQUE
Has a sneaking suspicion IMAGINES
Inside track EDGE
It’s history PAST
Clues Answers
Language system GRAMMAR
Leb. neighbor SYR
Like sheep’s wool, compared with alpaca’s wool ITCHIER
List-ending abbr ETC
Lode-bearing sites MINES
Major hwys RTES
Make an impression? ETCH
Newsstand buy, for short MAG
No-win situation? TIE
Oil org OPEC
Old Germanic letter RUNE
Paper piece ARTICLE
Paper piece OPED
Periscope part LENS
Pitching stat ERA
Pleasing to the ear DULCET
Pool tool CUE
Powered bikes MOPEDS
Problem in Hamelin RATS
Prohibition gangster Bugs MORAN
Put up with ABIDE
Rock formed from compressed mud SHALE
Rule limiting use of a woodwind instrument? RECORDERORDER
Rule regarding exercises that put minimal stress on the body? LOWIMPACTACT
Rule requiring casting Cumberbatch in everything? BENEDICTEDICT
Seventh Greek letter ETA
Short-muzzled pooch PUG
Size up RATE
Song sung by Lancelot in “Camelot” CESTMOI
Take what’s offered SETTLE
To date YET
Toothed tool SAW
Touch down LAND
Use one’s incisors GNAW
Ventura runners MACS
Zellweger of “Judy” RENEE
___ Aviv TEL