New York Times - Jan 30 2023

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Clues Answers
'A good time ___ had by all' WAS
'Awkwafina Is ___ From Queens' (Comedy Central series) NORA
'Duh!,' in modern slang OBVI
'Eww, I didn't need to know that' TMI
'Thar ___ blows!' SHE
'That's not true!' UHUH
'Whose ___ Is It Anyway?' (long-running improv show) LINE
About, in dates CIRCA
Activist who co-founded Black Lives Matter ALICIAGARZA
Agcy. for drivers DMV
Aide: Abbr ASST
Alphabetically first group in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ABBA
Alternative to a station wagon, in brief SUV
Analyze, as ore ASSAY
Appetizers sprinkled with paprika DEVILEDEGGS
Assemble, as a book BIND
Be honored before burial LIEINSTATE
Bespectacled cartoon aardvark ARTHUR
Certain restaurants ... or their customers DINERS
Christmas carols NOELS
Chunk floating in the Arctic Ocean BERG
Clod-breaking tool HOE
Cook for too long, say BURN
Curtain hanger ROD
Disavow RECANT
Dolphin's home SEA
Droops SAGS
Enclosures for shark watchers CAGES
Engaged in some risky behavior SKATEDONTHINICE
Fella BUB
Flaky fish COD
Flooring installer TILER
French word that sounds like an English pronoun OUI
Genre sometimes mixed with rap EMO
George Eliot or Mark Twain PENNAME
Gets ready PREPS
Greed, gluttony or sloth SIN
Half-diameters RADII
Clues Answers
Jerry's partner in ice cream BEN
LaBelle known as 'The Godmother of Soul' PATTI
Length x width, for a rectangle AREA
Letter after alpha BETA
Like aged cheddar SHARP
Little bit of color TINGE
Major monitor maker ACER
Make like a puppy's tail WAG
McEntire known as 'The Queen of Country' REBA
Measure of time, in music BEAT
Messy, semiliquid substance GOOP
Microphone jack, for one AUDIOINPUT
Mis-enter a passcode, say ERR
Mother of Zeus RHEA
Move slightly STIR
Nonnegotiable salary limit HARDCAP
Place to wear goggles LAB
Poetic contraction that omits a 'v' OER
Portuguese or Spanish IBERIAN
Prefix with system ECO
Records with only a few tracks, for short EPS
Relatively easy section of a jigsaw puzzle EDGE
See 56-Across EYES
Sit-___ (some protests) INS
Smallest poodle variety TOY
Source of milk for some cheeses GOAT
Steaming cupful TEA
Take to court SUE
The 'R' of I.R.L REAL
Tick off IRK
Trace of smoke WISP
Veer suddenly ZAG
Watch over, as a fire TEND
With 67-Across, in a sudden and completely apparent way ... or a punny description of this puzzle's circled letters RIGHTBETWEENTHE
Wolff who wrote 'This Boy's Life' TOBIAS
Word before trick or tip HAT
___ with caution USE
___-bitsy ITSY