L.A. Times Daily - Jan 29 2023

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Clues Answers
"All __!" ABOARD
"Au contraire!" NOTSO
"Hair Love" voice actress Issa RAE
"Howdy there!" HIYA
"I don't care!" SOSUEME
"I'm rubber, you're __ ... " GLUE
"If we must die, O __ us nobly die": McKay LET
"__ Lasso" TED
Acid initials LSD
Amendment proposed by a technophile? RIGHTTOONESOWNDEVICES
Anti-censorship org ACLU
Audrey Hopburn letters IPA
Back up SAVE
Be worthy of EARN
Big hands? OVATIONS
Brief "Beats me!" IDK
Bright shades NEONS
Bumping heads ATIT
Car once advertised as a "well-built Swede" SAAB
Carol contraction TIS
Cat's attention-getter, maybe PAW
Chemistry class model MOLECULE
Children's song marchers ANTS
Chili-based Vietnamese condiment SATESAUCE
Collective action by society women? DEBUTANTESTRIKE
Color of Montana's flag BLUE
Color TV pioneer RCA
Contact __ LENS
Contributed ADDED
Corner store MART
Creates a Maillard reaction on a steak, say SEARS
Cut and paste, say EDIT
Cyclotron particles IONS
Death and taxes, per Benjamin Franklin? UNIVERSALBASICOUTCOME
Distribution parties ISSUERS
Drill sergeant, perhaps? PRIVATEENEMYNUMBERONE
Drops the ball, say ERRS
Ellington composition RAG
Endpoint for some boots and skirts THIGH
Endure within a group of peers? LASTAMONGEQUALS
Equine parent SIRE
Eschew a co-pilot FLYSOLO
Espresso froth CREMA
Even once EVER
Far from relaxed UPTIGHT
Farm bird that never topples? NOFALLCHICKEN
Filling with wonder AWING
Fit of pique SNIT
Fleet of foot AGILE
Four Tops singer Benson OBIE
Free from RIDOF
French 101 verb AVOIR
French bread? EURO
Gave back, as land CEDED
German "first" ERST
Graceless one CLOD
Great Basin native UTE
Gretchen of "Boardwalk Empire" MOL
Hawaiian for "white" KEA
Herb used in some smudging rituals SAGE
Hides in plain sight? TIPIS
Highfalutin LADIDA
Honeycomb unit CELL
Ibex range ALPS
In the office ONSITE
Inning's trio? ENS
Invite for ASKTO
Clues Answers
Kenan's "Good Burger" co-star KEL
Kiwi-shaped OVAL
La Liga cheer OLE
Like a typical ride on a mechanical bull? AFEWBUCKSLONG
Like cookies soon after the Cookie Monster spots them EATEN
Like some data disks WRITABLE
Lubricate GREASE
Maximally vanilla TAMEST
Measure typically given in knots AIRSPEED
Member-owned grocery COOP
Mountain goats' terrain CRAGS
Movie trailer? CREDITS
Music store supply OBOEREEDS
Nestlé's __-Caps SNO
New York, for one STATE
Nintendo : DS :: Sony : __ PSP
Noblezada of "Easter Sunday" EVA
Not 'neath OER
Nwodim of "SNL" EGO
Offline, briefly IRL
One-eighty UIE
Only just NEWLY
Org. with the largest-circulation magazine in the U.S AARP
Pacific Northwest sch WSU
Part of an underwater forest KELP
Passing remark? GODEEP
Passover's month, often: Abbr APR
Pick up DETECT
Politburo nos NYETS
Prefix with Mexico AERO
Provençal mayo AIOLI
Real talent KNACK
Rep. from the Bronx AOC
Roll the dice, say TAKEATURN
Rolls in yoga class MATS
RPG with a 20-sided die DND
Sch. that competes against Notre Dame for the Jeweled Shillelagh USC
Sends off the soccer pitch REDCARDS
Shoestring catch? SNAG
Slides (over) SCOOTS
Some Japanese TVs SANYOS
Some laptops PCS
Spilled salt, to some OMEN
Spy-fi org CIA
Strapless bralette BANDEAU
Strawberry __ BLONDE
Temperamental MOODY
Terr. divided in 1889 DAK
Text in a long-distance relationship, maybe MISSYOU
Texting tech SMS
That guy HIM
The "A" of 30-Across ALE
The "A" of LGBTQIA+, for short ACE
Thinking a song is about oneself, say VAIN
Tibia neighbor TALUS
Wading bird EGRET
Weather-affecting Pacific current ELNINO
Word after rage or force QUIT
Word in an Arthur Miller title SALESMAN
Wrath IRE
WWF, e.g NGO
Ye __ Shoppe OLDE
Ziggurat level TIER
[Crossing my fingers!] IHOPE
__ carte ALA
__ cord BUNGEE
__ fly SAC
__ frescas: fruit drinks AGUAS
__-free plastic BPA