Wall Street Journal - Jan 28 2023 - Altering Course

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Clues Answers
“Midnight’s Children” author Rushdie SALMAN
“Move on already!” LETITGO
“Nevertheless, ___ persisted” SHE
“No way!” to a texter OMG
“Ominous bird of yore” of verse RAVEN
“The jig ___” ISUP
“The Metamorphosis” protagonist SAMSA
87-Across, e.g CAR
Abbr. on some Outlook messages FWD
Admit mistakes EATCROW
Allows to drain UNSTOPS
Antecedent PRIOR
Arthur of “The Golden Girls” BEA
As a result of this HEREAT
Bagel-topping cheese ASIAGO
Ballet conclusion? SILENTT
BBC show that inspired the U.S.’s “Shark Tank” DRAGONSDEN
Beehive State people UTES
Beginning ONSET
Bellyache GRIPE
Bile secreter LIVER
Bio bit AGE
Bolt on the track USAIN
Calif. setting for “Stand and Deliver” EASTLA
Carnival craft LINER
Champagne specification BRUT
Class on crafting stories about volatile compounds? REACTIVEWRITING
Class on designing stands for hallways? HATTREEARTS
Class on developing products that are deliberately ambiguous? UNCLEARENGINEERING
Class on logging on to iCloud accounts? APPLEIDMATHEMATICS
Class on perfectly performing magic tricks? TADASCIENCE
Class on texts about the nativity scene? MANGERLITERATURE
Clipper or cutter SHIP
Coffeehouse entertainer POET
Constellation between Cassiopeia and Pegasus ANDROMEDA
Cosmo, e.g MAG
Coup d’___ ETAT
Cover, in a way INSURE
Crossed paths MET
Dark mark BLOT
Designer Helmut LANG
Dice, e.g CHOP
Disney CEO Bob IGER
Drips for docs IVS
Due follower TRE
Equestrian activity RIDING
Equitable FAIR
Facilitate in felony, say ABET
Field laborers REFS
Film critic Roger EBERT
Fluffy wrap BOA
Flying formation VEE
Food with a red rind EDAM
Fresh PERT
Freshen your breath, say GARGLE
Friend of Velma, Shaggy and Scooby-Doo DAPHNE
Gives the green light OKS
Good luck with that! AMULET
Hang down LOLL
Has a bias LEANS
Home of philosophy’s Parmenides ELEA
Honolulu’s historic ___ Palace IOLANI
Horned Frogs’ sch TCU
How some pawns are captured ENPASSANT
Immodest models NUDES
In the neighborhood LOCAL
Irish seaport SLIGO
Islamic ruling FATWA
It has two wheels and four pedals TANDEM
Clues Answers
Jargon CANT
Jazz drummer Gene KRUPA
Lady of Lisbon DONA
Law sch. graduates JDS
Law undoer REPEAL
Legendary queen of Carthage DIDO
Like cross-country skiing and ski jumping NORDIC
Like robusta coffee STRONG
Like the builders of Machu Picchu INCAN
Liters and meters UNITS
Made a choice OPTED
Many years ago LONGSINCE
Many years ago ONCE
Marine flatfish SOLE
Market phenomenon of the 1630s Dutch Republic TULIPMANIA
May honoree MOM
Mazda model MIATA
Mint NEW
Most reliable DEFINITIVE
NFL scores TDS
Nice round fig CIR
Nicholas II, e.g TSAR
Nursery bunch TOTS
Off-roaders, for short ATVS
Often punny high school invitations PROMPOSALS
Old PC monitors CRTS
One of 640 in a square mile ACRE
Oobleck inventor SEUSS
Pablo Neruda composition ODE
Parisian pair DEUX
Peace Prize winner Wiesel ELIE
Personal identity ONESELF
Rather than INSTEADOF
Recipe amts TSPS
Rouen refusal NON
Safe from injury INVIOLATE
Score figs PTS
Scratchy sound RASP
Seized sedan, say REPO
Shimmery stone OPAL
Shoot at FIREON
Ski resort in the Wasatch Mountains ALTA
Sludge GOO
Soap brand that had ads with Elizabeth Taylor and Kim Novak LUX
Spill the tea, maybe SCALD
Spotted SEEN
Start for media or millionaire MULTI
Stat for an ace ERA
Successfully secure LAND
Switch topics, and a hint to solving this puzzle’s theme answers CHANGETHESUBJECT
Tahitian wrap SARONG
Take turns SPIN
To a distance AFAR
Tokyo-based brewer ASAHI
Track figures ODDS
Transportation between storeys LIFT
Try a different approach in Pictionary REDRAW
Turned state’s evidence SANG
Typical driver’s ed student TEEN
UFO pilots ETS
Upright ONEND
Ventura runner IMAC
Windy City hub letters ORD
Word between two surnames NEE
Word to a misbehaving mutt BAD
Words from Oliver Twist PLEASESIR
Words on old postage stamps AIRMAIL
Yankees pitcher Trivino LOU
Zilch NADA