USA Today - Feb 23 2023

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Clues Answers
'Fade ___ You' (Mazzy Star hit) INTO
'How ___ you today?' ARE
'My loneliness is killing me . . .' song BABYONEMORETIME
'Piece of cake!' EASY
'Piece of cake!' ITSASNAP
'Right on!' AMEN
'Star Trek: Discovery' actor ___ del Barrio BLU
'Therefore . . .' ERGO
'Voila!' TADA
'___ to My Shoes' (Francisco X. Alarcon poem) ODE
'___ Upon a Dream' ONCE
'___ we now our gay apparel' DON
401(k) alternative IRA
Attacks like Pikachu ZAPS
Beam of sunlight RAY
Beauty mark, for example SPOT
Bedding option that reduces breakage SATINPILLOWCASE
Boxing blow JAB
Bread with a pocket PITA
Canceled AXED
Clearheaded SOBER
Color changer DYE
Condiment that originally contained caviar RUSSIANDRESSING
Conversation focus TOPIC
Copper or zinc METAL
Copper-zinc alloy BRASS
Crunch or curl counts REPS
Degree for a dentist DDS
Dog that may work as a shepherd COLLIE
Dojo leader SENSEI
Exam taken by aspiring judges LSAT
Far from ashamed PROUD
Feathers, or clouds of smoke PLUMES
Game with Wild cards UNO
General ___ chicken TSOS
Greek letter resembling a trident PSI
Home country of Alia Muhammad Baker, the Librarian of Basra IRAQ
Immoral acts SINS
Island also called Eivissa IBIZA
Clues Answers
It may be take-home or open-book EXAM
Its B stands for bondage BDSM
Jar tops LIDS
Lamb's cry BLEAT
Largest artery AORTA
Like a candlelit room DIM
Little nuisance BRAT
Little taste of tea SIP
Littlest kitten RUNT
Mahjong piece TILE
Nike symbol SWOOSH
Not pro- ANTI
Not unjust FAIR
Number resembling an egg ZERO
Part to play ROLE
Picture-riddle book series ISPY
Psyche parts EGOS
Regrets RUES
Robber at sea PIRATE
Second try REDO
Sharp point on a fence BARB
Small fly GNAT
Smiling Cat Face With Heart-Shaped Eyes, e.g EMOJI
Snipped winter decor PAPERSNOWFLAKES
Sparkling white Italian wine ASTI
Supermodel Devon AOKI
Swab for fixing mascara smudges QTIP
Texting format SMS
Toxic tree YEW
Un-write ERASE
Wasn't given a choice HADTO
Website with shops ETSY
What a gold or rainbow infinity symbol represents AUTISM
XL and XXL, for two SIZES
___ and ends ODDS
___ off (keep at bay) STAVE
___ out (distributes) METES
___ room (star-studded section) VIP