New York Times - Jan 26 2023

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Clues Answers
'Are you down for this?' WANNA
'As far as I'm concerned ...' FORMYPART
'At Last' singer James ETTA
'Let's ___!' EAT
'Watch it!' HEY
All-time go-between THE
Aptly named mascot of the 2000 Olympics SYD
Barber's belt STROP
Beer containers GROWLERS
Big name in juice pouches CAPRISUN
Boom producer, once: Abbr SST
Bunch of bits BYTE
Butterfly, but not a caterpillar ADULT
Chinwagging CHATTER
Comicdom's 'Queen of the Jungle' SHEENA
Commoner PLEBE
Company originally founded as Blue Ribbon Sports NIKE
Crestfallen SAD
Cuba's ___ Castro, brother of Fidel RAUL
Developing phenomena literally depicted three times in this puzzle SNOWBALLEFFECTS
Early 2010s OBAMAERA
Enormous amounts to spend FORTUNES
Evidencing physical exertion SWEATY
Fabled visitors to 49-Down, in brief ETS
Farm storehouse GRANARY
Foxy SLY
French season ETE
Fried food whose name translates to 'breaded' EMPANADA
Game in which the object is to score 500 points UNO
Google ___, service beginning in 2017 MEET
Gradually develop, literally SSWSWESWELSWELL
Gradually develop, literally FFOFORFORM
Gradually develop, literally GGRGROGROW
Hem's partner HAW
High-quality TOPSHELF
Hole maker SPADE
In a bind TRAPPED
Ink holder SAC
Clues Answers
Is the real deal HASIT
Jean-___ Picard of 'Star Trek' LUC
Kerfuffle FLAP
Kind of group in chemistry AMINO
Kind of power in math NTH
Kitchen gadget with an edge PARER
Last monarch of the House of Stuart ANNE
Leaves in the kitchen? BASIL
Like many indie films ARTY
Many an essential worker, for short EMT
More aged, as some cheeses SHARPER
Most like a wallflower SHIEST
Name hidden in 'oleomargarine' OMAR
Norse god of war TYR
One might hit a very low pitch BASSTUBA
One way an animal may be held ATBAY
Opposite of dry, to a vintner SWEET
Palindromic word in classic poetry ERE
Pop-pop GRAMPS
Punished for the weekend, perhaps GROUNDED
Put a fork in it! HAY
Put on AIR
Quantity contrasted with a vector, in physics SCALAR
Screen display APPS
Shakespearean cries AYS
Shaving canful FOAM
Sierra ___ (Mexican range, informally) MADRES
Some surgical tools FORCEPS
Southwest city in 1947 news ROSWELL
Spot for firing KILN
Suffer in the summer heat SWELTER
Sushi staple that isn't served raw EEL
The 'Gateway to the West' OMAHA
Things you might save while driving PRESETS
Total phony FAKER
Trademarked coffee holder KCUP
Way off AFAR
You might make waves when you lie about this WATERBED