Wall Street Journal - Jan 26 2023 - Categorized

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Clues Answers
“Inception” director NOLAN
“Listen!” in La Paz OYE
“This looks bad” UHOH
1957 **** by Langston Hughes and David Martin SIMPLYHEAVENLY
1969 **** by Joni Mitchell CHELSEAMORNING
1989 **** by Phil Alden Robinson FIELDOFDREAMS
2014 **** by David Mitchell THEBONECLOCKS
All-inclusive prefix OMNI
Alluring skirt feature SLIT
Angler’s basket CREEL
Brochette SPIT
Bull sessions? RODEOS
Buyer’s market descriptor SOFT
Call on USE
Campaign research, informally OPPO
Cavalry base FORT
Character on an unnumbered tarot card FOOL
Clairvoyant skill, briefly ESP
Clubs at clubs IRONS
Coffee-making option DRIP
Contents of veins ORES
Copying ALA
Crafty SLY
Crunch focus ABS
Cuban Pete’s forte MAMBO
Denial from Dostoyevsky NYET
Depiction IMAGE
Desk setting OFFICE
Duplicitous LYING
Failed internet companies, facetiously DOTBOMBS
Feature of Norway’s Nigardsbreen glacier ICECAVE
Fictional sleuth Archer LEW
Former Florida congress-woman Demings VAL
Getaway spot ISLE
Greedy cry MINE
Himalayan recluse YETI
Clues Answers
History chapters ERAS
Home of eight professional sports teams OHIO
In the cards LIKELY
Issigonis who designed the Mini auto ALEC
Its first store was in Älmhult IKEA
Joplin work RAG
Line on un passeport NOM
Lyrical works ODES
Main character of Pixar’s “The Good Dinosaur” ARLO
Minnie Mouse’s prize Peke FIFI
Nods, say ASSENTS
Numbskull DODO
Other side ENEMY
Outstanding OWED
Private employer? ARMY
Radio City style DECO
Resident of the Madha exclave OMANI
Result of a tot’s trip, maybe OWIE
Reuben need SWISS
Roughs it CAMPS
Round figures OVALS
Series of courses MEAL
Set straight ALIGN
Sherman of “SNL” SARAH
Sidelines salutation HIMOM
Silica stone OPAL
Soldier for hire, for short MERC
Strongly criticize SLAM
Tap type SPINAL
Tick off RANKLE
Velvet surface PILE
Wasn’t satisfied with an apology, perhaps SUED
Winter air CAROL
Word next to a harp on some euro coins EIRE
___ before (by) ONOR
___ Mansion (2001 Nintendo game) LUIGIS