New York Times - Jan 25 2023

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Clues Answers
'Better Call Saul' network AMC
'Chandelier' singer SIA
'Golf is a good ___ spoiled' WALK
'Sounds good!' OKAY
'Whew! That was exhausting!' IMSPENT
Abbr. above '0' OPER
Actor Kingsley BEN
App with 'Stories,' informally INSTA
Apropos of ASTO
Apt shoe for a bread maker? LOAFER
Assistance AID
Bee's knees CATSMEOW
Before, in poetry ERE
Blarney Stone locale ERIN
Brokers' charges FEES
Composer of the piano piece played in the 'Tom and Jerry' short 'The Cat Concerto' LISZT
Currency of Portugal EURO
Cut down to size ABASE
Dad, in Chinese BABA
Daddy, in Spanish PAPI
Dancing like a ballerina ONTOE
Do a cobbler's job on RESOLE
Every which way AMOK
Feast with poi LUAU
Fido's foot PAW
First line on a form, often NAME
Fix because of flatness, say TUNE
Fotografía, por ejemplo ARTE
Free speech org ACLU
Gets the hair just right, say PRIMPS
Guy in a crew SEAMAN
Hair removal brand NAIR
Has a student loan, say OWES
Hideout LAIR
Hideout DEN
Home of the Sundance Film Festival UTAH
Clues Answers
In view SEEN
Lickety-split ASAP
Like a kitten cuddling with a puppy CUTE
Loch ___ NESS
Muppet who speaks in a falsetto ELMO
Not ridiculous, as an argument TENABLE
Occupied, as a desk SATAT
Oman's ruler, e.g SULTAN
Outback bird EMU
Par ___ (by airmail, in French) AVION
Persons who identify as female, in an alternative spelling WOMYN
Phaser setting STUN
Presses Ctrl-V on a PC PASTES
Quickly form a friendship (with) CLICK
Recipient of the inaugural A.T.P. Player of the Year award ASHE
Recite the rosary, e.g PRAY
Record label that released the first 45 r.p.m. single RCA
Relents LETSUP
Ruckus STIR
Scraped together, with 'out' EKED
Some are for passing LANES
Spanish article UNA
Sports bar purchases? FANTASYDRAFTS
Sports bar purchases? PENALTYSHOTS
Sports bar purchases? STARPITCHERS
Sports bar purchases? TRIPLEDOUBLES
Sugarcoated, in a way ICED
Summer setting in Mass EDT
Symbol of poison on a warning label MRYUK
Tang, for one DYNASTY
Treasure ADORE
Wanted for nothing HADITALL
What the aliens do in 'The War of the Worlds' INVADE
Withdrawal to avoid a conflict of interest RECUSAL
Word after lo or chow MEIN
Work assignments STINTS
Zoom meeting leader HOST
___ suit ZOOT