Wall Street Journal - Jan 25 2023 - Head Fakes

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Clues Answers
“Ah, I understand” GOTCHA
Act the blowhard BRAG
Aggressive ungulate HIPPO
All thumbs INEPT
Area between outfielders GAP
Avoid the cold, in a way HIBERNATE
Big cheese BOSS
Blue shade SKY
Bring into service DEPLOY
Channel based in Atlanta TNT
Channel marker BUOY
Classic Ford TBIRD
Clear tables BUS
Clothing store founder Eddie BAUER
Concession stand buys SODAS
Dance instructor’s call STEP
Detailed account SAGA
Disgrace SULLY
Divine doings MIRACLE
Downed a sub, say ATE
Dr.’s orders RXS
Draft container STEIN
Fake grip used in a professional wrestling match? PUTONHOLD
Far from fetching UGLY
Fastener threaded on both halves UBOLT
Father figures? FAUXPAS
Game with red, yellow, green and blue cards UNO
Good, to Garibaldi BUONO
Happily ever afters, e.g EPILOGUES
Harvest goddess OPS
Home of the Ephesians IONIA
Hypotenuse, e.g SIDE
Indigenous Canadian INUIT
It’s spineless EBOOK
Landscape item used for hiding a spare key? SHAMROCK
Langley-based org CIA
Clues Answers
Learned to crawl, maybe SWAM
Lincoln or Ford, e.g MAKE
Möbius strip’s lack END
Not so much LESS
Often lied-about number AGE
Old stereos HIFIS
One who better not miss a beat POLICEMAN
Opium source POPPY
Origin of “whiskey” and “trousers” GAELIC
Overhead trains ELS
Pack of plotters CABAL
Perfect IDEAL
Plaints from puppies YAPS
Points of view ANGLES
Quarrel stoppers, at times APOLOGIES
Region defined by its weather CLIME
Role for Ronny Howard OPIE
Scampers off SCOOTS
She, in Lisbon ELA
Spotify genre POP
Statue of Sitting Bull? COPYCHIEF
Substance sold by a duplicitous drug dealer? CROCKPOT
Taken as much as one is willing to HADIT
Tee, e.g TOP
Tests by lifting HEFTS
They may provide relief MAPS
Tiny spot SPECK
Trunk notch KERF
Unbroken WHOLE
Ushers in, with fanfare HERALDS
Ventilation system components DUCTS
Visit quickly NIPIN
Wall St. debut IPO
Western omelet chunk HAM
What the puzzle’s title hints at THEME
With skill ABLY
Words of agreement AMENS
Xmas figure STNICK