Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Feb 13 2023

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Clues Answers
"A Doll's House" heroine NORA
"Game of Thrones" actress EMILIACLARKE
"No harm done" IMOK
"The Time Machine" people ELOI
"Wild" actress Laura DERN
"You've got mail" ISP AOL
24 hours DAY
America's uncle SAM
Arthur of "Maude" BEA
Author Fleming IAN
Avril follower MAI
Beer barrel KEG
Blacken on a grill CHAR
Broadway failure FLOP
Capote nickname TRU
Check cashers PAYEES
Clinch SEWUP
Conditions IFS
Deserve EARN
Dog's foot PAW
Dweeb NERD
Egos' counterparts IDS
Fashions STYLES
Favorite PET
Fly like a hawk SOAR
Fraction PART
Ginormous MEGA
Gloomy guy GUS
Grand — (four-run homer) SLAM
Group of three TRIAD
Hearty quaff ALE
Hit hard RAM
Clues Answers
Hitch SNAG
Jai — ALAI
Knee support BRACE
Knitting stitch PURL
La Scala city MILAN
Longtime Chicago maestro SOLTI
Med. plan option HMO
Napkin's place LAP
Netflix series starring Lily Collins EMILYINPARIS
Non-clerical LAY
North African capital TUNIS
Not busy IDLE
Omelet need EGG
One-named supermodel IMAN
Pinnacle ACME
Poetic dusk EEN
Prattle GAB
Prefix with gender CIS
Promptly NOW
Rights advocacy org ACLU
Rocker — Pop IGGY
Sail support MAST
Scratched (out) EKED
Serving aid TRAY
Soon, poetically ANON
Spheres ORBS
Talking nonstop YAPPING
Teen fave IDOL
Triathlon segment LEG
Witty one WAG
— -Manuel Miranda LIN
— avis RARA