Wall Street Journal - Jan 23 2023 - Cut the Cards

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Clues Answers
“A Descent Into the Maelström” author POE
“Huh, how about that!” GOFIGURE
“I’d like to help” LETME
“I’ll shake on that!” ITSADEAL
“On what authority?” WHOSAID
“The Fifth Element” director Besson LUC
“The Tempest” sorcerer PROSPERO
“___ la vista!” HASTA
4x4, briefly UTE
Aerial cable car TRAM
Anthropoid animal APE
Ask too much PRY
Awaken STIR
Bad sign ILLOMEN
Bad way to run AMOK
Bare bones SKELETON
Barista’s workplace CAFE
Blog entries POSTS
Borderline indecent RACY
Breach GAP
Burning crime ARSON
Caribbean resort ARUBA
Civil rights icon Parks ROSA
Cocoa craver CHOCOHOLIC
Contrite feeling REMORSE
Davis of “Thelma & Louise” GEENA
Decomposes ROTS
Dr.’s org AMA
Dress in WEAR
End of a professor’s address EDU
Female friend, in France AMIE
Foot features SOLES
Genesis spot EDEN
German steel city ESSEN
Gold, in Guatemala ORO
Golfer’s aim PAR
Group that checks backstage passes SECURITY
Historical period ERA
Clues Answers
In the style of ALA
It can be typed BLOOD
It’s raised on a farm BARN
Kill, as a dragon SLAY
Levi’s alternative LEES
Locales AREAS
Major musical composition OPUS
Moan and groan GRUMBLE
Money of Mumbai RUPEE
Morays and congers EELS
Mystical glow AURA
Nerve GALL
Not barefoot SHOD
Not none SOME
Palindromic parent DAD
Pequod captain AHAB
Police car sound SIREN
Poseidon and Neptune SEAGODS
Put to sleep BORE
Queen of Mt. Olympus HERA
Reminder of an old flame? ASHES
Revolved SPUN
Rope ring LASSO
Skewered meal KEBAB
Small bills ONES
Song for a coloratura ARIA
Store clerk’s boss MANAGER
Stubborn quadruped ASS
Test the purity of ASSAY
Theater seater USHER
Tiebreaking periods in sports: Abbr OTS
Times spent with a portrait painter SITTINGS
To-do list items TASKS
Tomato for tomato sauce ROMA
Vivid pink hue HOTMAGENTA
Yields to gravity SAGS