Universal - Jan 23 2023

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Clues Answers
"Charlotte's Web" author EBWHITE
"Definitely!" YES
"I'll take that as ___" ANO
"That true?" ISIT
"The weekend's almost here!" TGIF
"Tough noogies!" TOOBADSOSAD
"Your point being?" AND
2023, e.g YEAR
Absorbed an expense ATETHECOST
Apt name for a lawyer SUE
Beginning on ASOF
Big name in coolers YETI
Brian of ambient music ENO
Camper vans, briefly RVS
Celestial spheres ORBS
Cell for color vision CONE
Clever and practical SHREWD
Colony insects ANTS
Commands dogs to chase after SICSTHEHOUNDSON
D.C.'s country USA
Fixes run-ons, for instance EDITS
Flower stalk STEM
Former New York governor Mario CUOMO
Germ of a patent IDEA
Greek god of war ARES
Grumpy Cat or Condescending Wonka MEME
Hearty bowlful STEW
Home of Odysseus ITHACA
How things tend to go in a tragedy AWRY
If not ELSE
Important marks on treasure maps XES
Insurer whose ads feature a gecko GEICO
Intl. oil cartel OPEC
IRA options ROTHS
Japanese money YEN
Lake between California and Nevada TAHOE
Lease RENT
Clues Answers
Light show lights LASERS
Like a shrinking violet SHY
Make an engraving ETCH
Mall tenants BUSINESSES
Name that sounds like 35-Across STU
Narrow cuts SLITS
Native people of Canada CREE
New Zealand language that was only oral until the 19th century MAORI
North Carolina college town ELON
One who might chant the beginnings of 17-, 23-, 38- and 47-Across? CHEERLEADER
People to keep closer, in a saying ENEMIES
Played charades MIMED
Playfully INFUN
Salad type not named for a Roman general CAESAR
Seek the favor of WOO
Sgts.' superiors LTS
She reports to Kirk UHURA
Sing to, as the moon HOWLAT
Skating leaps AXELS
Snitch RAT
Sunbeams RAYS
Supermodel Beckford TYSON
Sushi seaweed NORI
Tack on ADD
Take a financial hit INCURALOSS
Tallest peak in North America DENALI
Tennis legend Arthur ASHE
Thick Japanese noodle UDON
Top-tier athlete ALLSTAR
Trauma ctrs ERS
Two-time Super Bowl champ Manning ELI
What can carry a tune? IPOD
What Meat Loaf would do (almost) anything for LOVE
Where some tend to work? BAR
Without a doubt FORCERTAIN
___ & Young ERNST
___ Rift (virtual reality headset) OCULUS