Canadiana - Jan 23 2023

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Clues Answers
A kind of address KEYNOTE
Ace Ventura star Jim CARREY
Alternatively OR
Astronaut Julie PAYETTE
Beautiful Losers author Leonard COHEN
Belonging to Bambi's mom ENAS
Bering or China SEA
Blast from the bleachers BOO
British Columbia painter CARR
Calendar ref YRS
Cashews and pecans NUTS
City of France NIORT
Comprehend SEE
Crow bar PRY
Eightsome OCTET
Eurozone currency EURO
Expert ACE
External OUTER
Female ruff REE
Former Ontario Premier Bob RAE
Fullback's quest TD
Garden tool EDGER
Glance LOOK
Hog breed DUROC
Imitate APE
In attendance AT
Inquire ASK
Late Princess of Wales, familiarly DI
Latvians LETTS
Levesque or Descartes RENE
Clues Answers
Manx or persian CAT
Mend a skirt REHEM
Musical theatre OPERA
Mustard brand KEENS
Navigation device LORAN
NHL hockey legend Dave KEON
Not any NIL
Pigeon holes SLOTS
Portals DOORS
Prefix for gram and cure EPI
Quagmire BOG
Ready for UPTO
Receptor EAR
Regret RUE
Reign RULE
Roman 251 CCLI
Rusty gate sound CREAK
Salt in St. Pierre SEL
Scottie's topper TAM
Scraps ORTS
Serpent ASP
Showy perennial PEONY
Sweet Hereafter director Atom EGOYAN
Tell on RAT
Town in France CLUNY
Tuscan river ARNE
Unguents ALOES
Wildlife painter Robert BATEMAN
Wood sorrel OCA
Word before cold and face STONE
Worship ADORE