New York Times - Jan 21 2023

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Clues Answers
'Illmatic' rapper NAS
'It's ___ real' BEEN
'Really?' ITIS
'This isn't good at all!' ICK
Aggregate SUM
Alternative to bread crumbs in some gluten-free recipes CHEERIOS
Bordelaise, for one WINESAUCE
Box with a view LOGE
Brother from another mother, maybe HALFSIBLING
Charles Schwab offering INDEXFUND
Column on an airport flight board, informally ETAS
Comes down hard HAILS
Comic actor who co-created 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' FEY
Comment following a cue IMON
Disposition BENT
Drudgery GRIND
Earring Magic ___ (1990s doll that developed a cult following) KEN
Electrically flexible ACDC
Elizabeth of 'WandaVision' OLSEN
End-of-week greeting SHABBATSHALOM
Fancy-y-y POSH
Feature of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial WALL
First winner of the Canadian Comedy Awards' Person of the Year SETHROGEN
Fitted with footwear SHOD
Flight LAM
Georgia team, to fans DAWGS
Gnats and curs, e.g BITERS
Home country, poetically NATIVESOIL
ID on a filing SSN
It has a new meaning NEO
Join forces UNITE
Kaley ___, co-star of 'The Big Bang Theory' CUOCO
Like Turkish coffee STRONG
Major Indian tourist site AGRA
Clues Answers
Make a scene, aptly ACTUP
Medicinal amt TSP
Memo letters ASAP
Natural gas emission? BELCH
Nitwit DOLT
Off! ingredient DEET
On the struggle bus, it might be said NOTDOINGSOHOT
Part of a cold shower, maybe ICEPELLET
Part of La-La Land TINSELTOWN
Pickled watermelon parts RINDS
Place for a prayer APSE
Playoff format BESTOFSEVEN
QB stats INTS
Quarter Pounder qualifier WITHCHEESE
Quick pick-me-up? CAB
Result of being fired? ASH
Sea line? AHOY
Simu ___, star of 'Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings' LIU
Some fellows, informally POSTDOCS
Sore spot ACHE
Their sales rose in 2021 and 2022, after two decades of decline CDS
They're far from basic ACIDS
Tippy-tops ACMES
Title of respect SRI
Top story ATTIC
Top-notch ELITE
Top-notch ACES
Touchdown follower, often EXTRAPOINT
Tourist-spots, maybe? PEOPLEWATCHES
Transition effect famously used in 'Star Wars' films WIPE
Wear and tear USE
Web portal released the same day as Windows 95 MSN
Word with round or head TRIP
Words of encouragement OLES