L.A. Times Daily - Jan 20 2023

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Clues Answers
"... cut __": end of a carpentry maxim ONCE
"If I Were a __": Beyoncé ballad BOY
"Monday Night Football" commentator Aikman TROY
"Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of __" NIMH
"Thank you for coming to my __ Talk" TED
"Will do, hon" OKDEAR
"Zero stars" AWFUL
Actress Moriarty who plays Starlight on "The Boys" ERIN
After taxes NET
Also TOO
American tennis phenom Gauff COCO
Anklebones TALI
Azalea, e.g SHRUB
Begins OPENS
Blood groups TYPES
Boxer's favorite store, maybe? PETCO
Bridle strap REIN
Bulky boats ARKS
Canvas shoe brand KEDS
Chophouse order, and an apt title for this puzzle? NEWYORKSTRIP
Command to a prompter LINE
Common Market letters EEC
Compass dirección NORTE
Comprehensive ATOZ
Crochet loop PICOT
Deteriorating WORSE
Dinner roll that provides an unexpected boost? ENERGIZERBUN
Distress signal SOS
Egg layers HENS
Employ USE
Film franchise featuring Lightning McQueen CARS
Frozen treat brand ICEE
Golfers who just need to dance, dance, dance before every drive? TEEBOPPERS
Had as a regular customer SOLDTO
Clues Answers
Horseracing achievement TRIPLECROWN
Is shy OWES
Leaves for dim sum TEA
Like Greenland's population SPARSE
Likely (to) APT
Lithium-__ battery ION
Low-pH stuff ACID
Meet portion, or portion of meat LEG
Melted together FUSED
Neo-soul artist Badu ERYKAH
NYC gallery with a Bell helicopter on display MOMA
On the facing pg OPP
Outlandish stories about Vietnamese soup? PHOBALONEY
Park and drive GEARS
Perched on ATOP
Play area STAGE
PlayStation, for one GAMECONSOLE
Pool necessity CUE
Portfolio options, for short IRAS
Regarding ABOUT
Seized auto REPO
Seydoux of "No Time to Die" LEA
Silky fabric SATIN
Station POST
Sterile work environs ORS
Strappy top, for short CAMI
Stretching muscle TENSOR
Tarzan creator's monogram ERB
Tease mercilessly RIDE
Texter's "But ... " OTOH
The "genu-" in "genuflect" KNEE
Trevi Fountain city ROME
Valued at one fancy ballpoint? COSTSAPRETTYPEN
Watering down THINNING
Young man LAD